CABI and Imperial College London to collaborate on research regarding ecosystems and the environment

mperial College's Prof Richard Crastor signs the contract with CAB International CEO Daniel Elger at 58 Princes Gate, 6th October 2023 Photography by Fergus Burnett
CABI and Imperial College London have agreed to collaborate further on teaching and research regarding fragile ecosystems, sustainable agriculture, and the environment including how to sensitively manage the world’s biodiversity threatened by climate change. The agreement signifies a pivotal moment for both institutions. CABI, with its extensive network of Member…
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CABI review aims to help strengthen national Soil Information Systems around the world

Hands tending soil
CABI scientists are conducting a review of national Soil Information Systems (SIS) in seven countries in Africa – as well as the USA, New Zealand, and Australia to understand key technical factors and the enabling environment that contribute to successful SIS development. The next stage of the project will involve…
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CABI’s work on the biological control of invasive weeds making great progress

CABI’s work investigating how classical biological control methods can help in the fight against invasive weeds around the world is making excellent progress, according to a new report just published. Scientists from CABI’s centre in Switzerland this year started two new projects – the biological control of black locust (Robinia…
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CABI shares expertise at 4th International Phytosanitary Conference 2023 held in Kenya

CABI has shared its expertise in helping countries achieve robust Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) systems to sustainably improve livelihoods and strengthen food security at the 4th International Phytosanitary Conference 2023 held in Kenya. Dr Morris Akiri, Senior Regional Director, Africa, attended the event which was hosted by the Kenya Plant…
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CABI joins forces in first release of parasitic Asian wasp to fight devastating invasive fruit fly in Switzerland

Asian wasp
CABI has teamed up with Agroscope and the phytosanitary office of the canton Ticino in the first experimental release of the parasitic Asian wasp Ganaspis brasiliensis to fight the invasive fruit fly Drosophila suzukii which has been devastating berry, stone fruit and grape crops in Switzerland. The parasitic Asian wasp…
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CABI’s expertise in biological control of weeds in Latin America highlighted during Science Summit at UNGA78

Rubber vine
CABI’s expertise in the biological control of weeds in Latin America has been highlighted during the 9th edition of the Science Summit around the 78th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA78). This includes the use of Classical Biological Control (CBC) for Invasive Alien Plants (IAPs) such as rubber vine (Cryptostegia madagascariensis)…
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