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CABI’s Tourism Cases opens new window into the world of tourism development

Symposium to launch new book exploring gender equality and tourism

CABI and Equality in Tourism are holding a symposium, which will debate ways to increase gender equality in the tourism industry, to launch a new CABI book edited by Dr Stroma Cole entitled ‘Gender Equality in Tourism: Beyond Empowerment.’

New book explores sustainable tourism

CABI has published a new book which explores how realising the potential of sustainable tourism could revolutionise the way we travel in a bid to both transform people’s lives and the environment.

CABI attends UNWTO General Assembly to celebrate International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development

Invasive plants to devastate annual wildebeest migration

According to new research, scientists have found that a number of invasive alien plant species initially introduced as ornamental plants at tourism facilities are now spreading rapidly throughout the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem, posing a major threat to wildlife, including the annual wildebeest and zebra migration as well as a range of other plant and animal species.

CABI attends hospitality and tourism conference, EuroCHRIE Dubai 2014