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New book explores sustainable tourism

CABI has published a new book which explores how realising the potential of sustainable tourism could revolutionise the way we travel in a bid to both transform people’s lives and the environment.

CABI CIO, Andrea Powell, to leave CABI after 26 years

Scaling-up improved legume technologies in Tanzania (SILT)

Food and nutrition security is vital in sub-Saharan Africa. This project aims to develop and use innovative approaches including complimentary communication methods to scale-up improved legume technologies and establish sustainable input systems.

CABI tackles global health with its first open access book

Invasive species data

Invasive species are causing species extinction. We are trying to address this problem by providing sound scientific information that will be used by endangered species managers to improve their efforts to recover listed and candidate species affected by invasive species. The information will also be used by invasive species managers to control invasive species that are causing species extinction in the USA.

Updated version of CAB Direct now launched