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Polypharmakos and CABI agree to develop new antimicrobial products from CABI’s Culture Collection

The UK Crop Microbiome CryoBank

Plant microbiomes are the microbial communities essential to the whole ecological area of a plant’s ‘phytobiome’ – a term used to describe a plant’s specific ecological area. Having a healthy phytobiome is critical to crop health, improved crop yields and quality food. However, crop microbiomes are relatively under-researched. The UK Crop Microbiome Cryobank project will develop a unique, exploitable and integrated resource that will provide the biological and bioinformatic tools to enable the development of solutions to improve soil and crop health. Six of the UK’s key crops will be the focus and usable outputs will underpin UK research activity in line with the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) strategic priorities in agriculture and food security. The project will support three of the UN’s Sustainable-Development Goals: Zero Hunger, Responsible Consumption, and Production and Life on Land.

For when the chips are down – preserving UK soil microbial biodiversity for sustainable agriculture

CABI shares expertise in Kew’s State of the World’s Plants and Fungi 2020 report

Genome of Fleming’s original penicillin-producing mould sequenced with help from CABI’s original strain

Landmark paper calls for the need to develop the world’s microbiome biobanking infrastructure