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Progress made on fall armyworm, but greater effort needed

A major new report published by CABI has revealed that losses due to fall armyworm are lower than projected in 2017 and the pest is still primarily focussed on maize rather than any other potential host crops.

CABI warns of rapid spread of crop-devastating fall armyworm across Asia

CABI scientists have today warned of the impending rapid spread of the crop-devastating pest, fall armyworm, across Asia following its arrival in India, with major crop losses expected unless urgent action is taken.

New $400,000 Fall Armyworm Tech Prize launches

A new $400,000 African Food Security Prize to help find the latest technology to combat the devastating impacts of the fall armyworm, which attacks over 80 different plant species, has today launched.

CABI joins international team of experts to develop a Global Surveillance System for crop diseases

CABI has joined an international team of experts in the field of agricultural science to develop a framework for Global Surveillance System (GSS) for crop diseases that could help ensure greater food security around the world.

Global fight against invasive species tops agenda at CABI’s 398th Executive Council Meeting

The fight against a myriad of invasive species, which costs the global economy around US$1.4 trillion each year, was top of the agenda at CABI’s 398th Executive Council meeting held yesterday (7 February 2018) at the Hallam Conference Centre in London.

CABI to improve the farming for 50 million poor households by tackling invasive species

Millions of the world’s most vulnerable people face problems with invasive weeds, insects and plant diseases , which are out of control and have a major impact on global prosperity, communities and the environment.