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Plantwise private sector engagement report

Sustainability of Plantwise: an assessment after 10 years of the programme

Helping plant protection officers make a difference to agricultural extension

Plantwise: Monitoring Plant Pest Outbreaks Globally

Evaluation of Plantwise and Action on Invasives; synthesis report

Reviewing and revising CGIAR’s Open Access and Data Management Policy and Implementation Guidelines

Timely and accurate decisions are critical to the success of food systems around the world. Accessible and well-managed data promotes more efficient research and greater visibility and transparency for organizations that conduct it. With this in mind, CGIAR promised to publish their research data openly and free from restriction through the development of the CGIAR Open Access and Data Management (OADM) Policy in 2013. In this project, CABI led a review of the policy (and accompanying implementation guidelines) to determine how it was implemented across the CGIAR System and whether updates were required to remain relevant to today’s research landscape.