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Using drama productions to promote banana farming practices and grow better crops in Uganda

Biopesticide helps safeguard food crops of 15 million people from desert locusts

Effects of Plant Health Rallies on Farmers’ Knowledge, Attitude and Practice in Uganda

The apple snail, Pomacea canaliculata: an evidence note on invasiveness and potential economic impacts for East Africa

Joint crop and livestock services for smallholder farmers

Crop and livestock health is crucial to agricultural productivity and farmer livelihoods. However, in low-income countries, smallholders are often left without sufficient support to deal with crop and animal problems due to existing agricultural extension services being understaffed and underfunded. CABI’s work in plant health and plant clinics over the last 15 years has revealed potential ‘One Health’ (OH) benefits of broadening the scope of plant clinics to better meet farmers’ need for advice. This project will develop integrated crop-livestock health advisory services that will enable male and female smallholder farmers in Uganda to address major health and production problems affecting crops, livestock, and food safety.

Assessing the Impact of Strengthening Phytosanitary Capacity of the Floriculture Sector in Uganda