CABI creates and applies knowledge that addresses challenges faced by people around the world

CABI's Medium-Term Strategy 2023-2025

CABI works on the biggest challenges facing humanity - hunger, poverty, gender inequality, climate change and the loss of biodiversity. Our new Medium-Term Strategy sets out what we plan to do in each of these areas by pursuing five major goals.

Our focus

Sustainable economic development through agriculture. Meeting the increasing global demand for quality food by improving smallholder farmers' access to markets.

Climate resilient food and nutrition production, utilizing and conserving a healthy landscape and properly-functioning ecosystems.

Creating a world in which women, youth and marginalised communities are included and treated equally in agricultural production, thus reducing youth unemployment and poverty.

Helping people get access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food. Researching ways of producing and trading more food with less harmful pesticides, fewer harmful pathogens but more nutritional value.


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