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Bundling Agricultural Services under Seeing Is Believing and Plantwise: Benefits and Opportunities

CABI-partnered ‘Seeing is Believing’ project goes ‘under the microscope’ for Facebook Live event

The CABI-partnered ‘Seeing is Believing’ project, which empowers farmers with smartphone imaging, is going ‘under the microscope’ on Thursday (24 January 2019) as part of a special Facebook Live Q&A event.

CABI and IFPRI land prestigious $250,000 Inspire Challenge 2018 Scale Up award

CABI and partners the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) have landed a prestigious $250,000 Inspire 2018 Scale Up award for their ground-breaking ‘Seeing is Believing’ project which uses farmers’ own smartphone photographs to help them optimize their agronomic decision-making.

Seeing is Believing – empowering farmers with smartphone imaging

Many farmers in the northern Indian states of Haryana and Punjab still rely on inefficient agricultural practices that are ill adapted to climate change. Data can help them. Customised advice, based on localised weather and soil data, pests and diseases, as well as input availability, can improve management practices, productivity and profitability. In this project, farmers will provide images taken from their smartphones to strengthen this advice and help farmers make timely decisions.