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‘Bio-superhero’ tackles Himalayan balsam at Hell Wath

CABI scientists are leading the fight to control one of the UK’s most invasive weeds – Himalayan balsam

CABI experts in the field of classical biological control are leading the fight to manage one of the UK’s most invasive weeds -Himalayan balsam – thanks to the nationwide release of the rust fungus Puccinia komarovii var. glanduliferae.

CABIs Nature vs Invader exhibit wins gold at Chelsea

Biological control of Himalayan balsam

Himalayan balsam has rapidly become one of the UK’s most invasive weed species. A lack of natural enemies allows it to successfully compete with native plants for space, light, nutrients and pollinators, reducing biodiversity and contributing to erosion. Traditional control methods are inadequate. This project involves identifying an insect or plant pathogen that exclusively attacks Himalayan balsam, which can be released into the UK to control the plant while leaving indigenous species intact.

CABI releases rust fungus to control invasive weed, Himalayan balsam

New paper and infographic: Himalayan balsam and its impact on UK invertebrates