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CABI supports floating pennywort weevil release in Barnsley, UK

Invasive non-native species cost UK economy an estimated £4bn a year, new CABI-led study reveals

‘Wonder Weevil’ released in fight against invasive floating pennywort

CABI expertise supports national campaign to control invasive floating pennywort on Britain’s rivers and lakes

Controlling floating pennywort in a safe and sustainable way

Floating pennywort is an invasive aquatic plant that can over-run water bodies in the UK, and is threatening habitats, native plants, fish and insects. Also a problem across much of Europe, this plant has rapid growth and can regenerate from small fragments. Management is mainly limited to mechanical clearance which is expensive and often ineffective. Through comprehensive host range testing, this project aims to identify the safest and most effective biocontrol agent to keep the plant in check.