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Silver fly could reduce pest threat to Europe’s €1.5bn Christmas tree industry

Eiphosoma laphygmae likely to be best classical biological control against devastating fall armyworm pest

CABI-led study provides comprehensive review of devastating fall armyworm pest

Invasive harlequin ladybird causes severe decline of two-spotted ladybird, new long-term study shows

CABI-led study recommends improvements to how impacts of Non-Native Species are assessed

CABI has led an international team of Non-Native Species (NNS) specialists who have compiled a list of recommendations to improve the way in which the impact of a range of invasive pests, such as the tomato leaf miner Tuta absoluta, are assessed, potentially helping towards ensuring greater global food security.

Scientists confirm first report of egg parasitoid in Africa to fight devastating fall armyworm

A group of scientists have confirmed the first report of an egg parasitoid Telenomus remus in Africa which could prove an important biological weapon in the fight against the devastating fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda) that threatens the food security of more than 200 million people.