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CABI answers call to tackle invasive water lettuce in Kenya’s Maasai-Mara ecosystem

CABI shares expertise on strategic issues article which calls for ecological restoration as an imperative for human health

New study suggests healthy ecosystems are vital in reducing risk of future life-threatening pandemics

Study calls for urgent plan to manage invasive weed which threatens livelihoods in Africa

CABI works in partnership to help rid UNESCO Natural World Heritage site Socotra of common pest pear Opuntia stricta

Invasive species experts from CABI have been working in partnership with a range of international organisations, including more than 200 members of a local community and a musical band, to help get rid of the common pest pear Opuntia stricta from the Socotra Archipelago, Yemen.

Management of invasive plants could prevent spread of deadly malaria, scientists suggest

CABI scientists have joined an international team of experts who suggest that the large-scale management of a range of some invasive plants could hold the key to reducing the spread of deadly malaria.