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World Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology Abstracts

World Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology Abstracts

"World Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology Abstracts (WAERSA) is an online bibliographic and abstracts database of internationally published research on applied rural socioeconomic research."

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World Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology Abstracts (WAERSA) is an online bibliographic and abstracts database of internationally published research on applied rural socioeconomic research.

Created and indexed by subject specialists WAERSA provides access to these abstracts alongside comprehensive indexing and classification codes. It includes a fully searchable backfile to 1973 of over 400,000 abstracts with approximately 20,000 new records added each year.

WAERSA is also available monthly in print with author, subject and serials cited indexes, and 8,000 new records added each year.

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Agricultural economics
    • - agricultural household economics
    - agricultural situation and outlook reports
  • - production functions
      • - survey methods
      - theoretical, regional and country models

Agricultural policy and development
    • - agricultural development
    - agricultural policy theory models and empirical studies
Agricultural structure and land issues
    • - agrarian reform
      • - cooperatives
      - farm structure
    • - land reform
    - land valuation
  • - ownership
  • - tenure
Biotechnology and genetic resources
    • - biodiversity (policy, regulation, international agreements)
    - biotechnology industry
  • - plant and animal genetic engineering


Consumption and consumer behaviour
    • - attitudes
    • - consumer behaviour
    • - food consumption trends
    - household and consumer surveys
  • - preferences


Education, extension and research
  • - higher education and training in agriculture and vocational training
  • - agricultural extension services, participatory extension, diffusion of information and pilot/demonstration farms
  • - national and regional agricultural and rural research policy and planning
  • - costs and financing of research
  • - on-farm and farming systems research (methodology and application)
  • - innovation adoption


Employment and income
    • - diversification
    - labour market
    • - labour productivity
    • - national policy on agricultural/farm labour
    • - non-farm income
    • - part-time farming
    - trade unions
    • - trends in farm income
    - social security
    • - wages and remuneration
    • - work organization
    - working conditions 


Farm management and decision making
  • - attributes of farm managers
    • - farm management, planning, accounting and information systems


Farming systems

For all types of farming (arable, dairy, etc.):

  • - costs, returns and profitability of the various types of farm enterprises (organic farming, horticulture, etc.)
  • - farm results
  • - farm surveys
  • - farming systems (including alternative farm enterprises e.g. farm holidays, farm forestry, etc.)
Finance, investment and credit

 For the agricultural sector and rural enterprises. Includes support measures:

- banks and other financial institutions
- credit, loans
- crop insurance
- exchange rates
- farm indebtedness
- farmers' investment decisions
- fiscal and tax policies
- inflation
- intervention
- monetary policy
- subsidies


Food policy and food security
      • - famine, hunger and nutritional studies
      - food aid
    - food policy
  • - food security
  • - theoretical and country models
Food industry
  • - food processing sector
  • - packing
    • - whole sector studies

Inputs and input industries
  • The economics of the agricultural input industries themselves and of their products (fertilizers, plant protection chemicals, farm machinery, fuels, feeds, seeds, veterinary and pharmaceutical products).
  • Includes product supply, demand, policy, regulations, marketing and trade
International trade
    • - balance of trade for all agricultural and food products
    • - exports
    • - imports
    • - terms of trade
    - trade agreements
    • - trade barriers
    - trade negotiations


Marketing and distribution
      • - food safety and quality control
      - market competition
    • - market concentration and integration
    - market regulations
  • - storage
  • - transport
  • - wholesale and retail marketing of all agricultural and food products
Natural resource economics

The application of the concept of economics to natural resources covering:

      • - aquaculture
      - biodiversity and wildlife management and conservation
      • - biomass utilization
      - degradation
    - environmental policy, protection and management
  • - environmental impact assessment and valuation studies
      • - fisheries policy and management
      - land use and management
    - natural resource economics, utilization and management
  • - sustainability
    • - theoretical, regional, country and international models
  • - water resource management, irrigation and drainage
Non-food industries
    • - agritourism
    - the economics of the cotton, rubber, floriculture and tobacco industries
Regional policy and development
  • - regional planning
  • - rural development policy
  • - rural economy
    • - rural infrastructure
    - rural services

Rural sociology
    • - behaviour, attitudes and cultural factors
    • - conflict and political movements
        • - rural families and communities
        - rural population trends
      - rural/urban relations and migration
      • - sociology and social policy of rural areas
  • - social stratification
      • - state of the subject
Supply, demand and prices
    • - demand analysis and supply trends for all agricultural and food products
    - price policy
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