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Sugar Industry Abstracts

Sugar Industry Abstracts

"Sugar Industry Abstracts brings you the latest information on the sugar industry, from the agronomy of sugarcane and sugarbeet to economics, nutrition and health."

Sugar Industry Abstracts is a fully searchable abstracts database of internationally published research on the sugar industry.

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Supporting the sugar industry

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Sugar Industry Abstracts

Sugar Industry Abstracts is a fully searchable database of abstracts and related full text documents reporting internationally published research on the sugar industry. It brings you the latest information, from the agronomy of sugarcane and sugarbeet to economics, nutrition and health.

Derived from CAB Abstracts, the database of applied life sciences and related topics, it includes all aspects of sugar crop breeding and agronomy (electronic version only), the manufacture of sugar from cane and beet, sugar refining, machinery, byproducts and their uses, sucrochemicals, plant-based fuel ethanol production, environmental issues, nutritional and economic aspects, and artificial sweeteners.

Each week Sugar Industry Abstracts delivers all the latest searchable summaries covering key English and non-English language journal articles, reports, conferences and books about the sugar industry. 

Created and indexed by subject specialists, SIA provides access to these abstracts using comprehensive indexing and classification codes. The database includes a fully searchable backfile to 1990 of over 1000,000 abstracts with over 5,000 new records added each year. It also includes over 8,000 full text documents in the CABI full text repository.  

Sugar Industry Abstracts is updated weekly online; the majority of its content is also available in print, delivered every other month with author, subject and serials cited indexes.

CAB Direct (CABI's own platform)

Analysis and control
Analysis of chemical and physical properties of sugar industry raw materials (sugarcane, sugarbeet), intermediates (e.g. juice, syrup) and products (e.g. sugar, molasses).

  • quality standards
  • microbiology, including spoilage, contamination and decontamination
  • instrumentation used for the above analyses and for monitoring of the manufacturing process
  • automated analysis and control

Animal feeding
The use of:

  • sugarcane trash
  • bagasse
  • beet pulp
  • molasses
  • sugar
  • other sugar industry products
  • for feeding to livestock (as feeds in themselves or as supplements in other feeds).

Beet sugar manufacture
All aspects of the manufacture of sugar from sugarbeet:

  • beet reception
  • storage
  • washing
  • slicing
  • juice extraction
  • purification
  • evaporation
  • crystallization
  • centrifuging
  • drying
  • product storage
  • energy economy

Cane sugar manufacture
All aspects of the manufacture of sugar from sugarcane:

  • cane reception
  • juice extraction (milling or diffusion)
  • purification
  • evaporation
  • crystallization
  • centrifuging
  • drying
  • product storage
  • energy economy (including cogeneration)

Economics, legislation and regulations
All aspects of the economics of the sugar industry (including other products such as fuel ethanol):

  • costs and prices
  • financial performance of sugar companies and national sugar industries
  • international trade (including trade barriers and trade liberalization)
  • predictions of future conditions
  • supply and demand

Environmental issues
Effluents and other wastes from the sugar industry:

  • their composition
  • environmental effects
  • treatment
  • public perception of environmental impact



  • properties
  • composition
  • use in food
  • medicinal uses
  • pesticide residues

Machinery and equipment
Sugar industry machinery and equipment, including:

  • mills
  • diffusers
  • filters
  • presses
  • centrifuges
  • driers
  • electrical equipment
  • boilers
  • turbines
  • transport equipment
  • automation and innovation

Molasses, alcohol and vinasse
The production and use of:

  • molasses (including use in fermentation or to feed animals)
  • ethanol (including use as fuel)
  • vinasse (including use as a fertilizer) from the sugar industry
  • Includes production of fuel ethanol, by fermentation, from sugarcane and other biological substrates.


Nutrition and health aspects

  • Sucrose, other saccharides and their derivatives in the diet, including:
  • consumption and intake
  • effects on health
  • dental caries
  • energy intake
  • effects on diabetics and other special groups
  • therapeutic and medicinal uses, including oligosaccharide prebiotics

Other byproducts and uses
Other byproducts of the sugar industry and their utilization, including:

  • bagasse (e.g. fuel, bagasse board and saccharification)
  • beet pulp
  • cane trash
  • beet tops
  • pressmud
  • cane wax


Other fermentations

  • fermentations based on sugar industry products or byproducts, to produce biomass, oligosaccharides, other sucrochemicals, fuels, enzymes, etc.
  • saccharification of starch and other carbohydrates.
  • production of enzymes of interest in carbohydrate chemistry.

Properties and uses of sugars
Physical and chemical properties of sugar and its derivatives (sucrochemicals). Their use in food. Non-food uses, for example:

  • as binding agents
  • as preservatives
  • as cryoprotectants
  • for osmotic dehydration

Sugar crop production (only available in the online version)
All aspects of sugarcane, sugarbeet and other sugar crops, including:

  • agronomy
  • genetics
  • harvesting
  • irrigation
  • pest, disease and weed control
  • physiology
  • plant breeding
  • soil fertility and management

Sugar refining
All aspects of sugar refining, including:

  • affination
  • melting
  • purification
  • crystallization
  • handling
  • manufacture of speciality sugars


  • Natural and artificial non-sugar sweeteners (acesulfame, saccharin, aspartame, sodium cyclamate, xylitol, sorbitol, erythritol, steviosides, sucralose, etc.)
  • their manufacture
  • use in food
  • organoleptic properties
  • nutritional value
  • safety
  • High fructose corn syrup is also included


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