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Rice Abstracts

Rice Abstracts

"Rice Abstracts is a fully searchable abstracts database of internationally published research, bringing you the latest information on rice production, from breeding and agronomy to storage, consumption and marketing."

Rice Abstracts brings a wealth of current and seminal research on rice to your fingertips!

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Rice Abstracts is a fully searchable abstracts database of internationally published research. Rice Abstracts brings you the latest information on rice production, from breeding and agronomy to storage, consumption and marketing.

Derived from CAB Abstracts, the original applied life sciences database, coverage includes: crop husbandry, crop protection, rice breeding, rice physiology, rice harvesting, food technology and nutritional aspects, and economics.

Each week Rice Abstracts delivers all the new highly-targeted, searchable summaries covering key English and non-English language journal articles, reports, conferences and books about rice. Over 6,000 records are added to the database each year.

Rice Abstracts includes a fully searchable backfile to 1977. Over 120,000 research summaries bring a wealth of current and seminal research in rice to your fingertips!

Rice Abstracts updated weekly online, it is also available in print, delivered quarterly.

CAB Direct (CABI's own platform)

Breeding, taxonomy and genetic resources

All aspects of rice breeding and crop improvement, including

  • - breeders rights
  • - descriptions of new rice cultivars
    • - domestication
    • - evolution
      • - gene banks
      • - germplasm exchange
      - in situ and ex situ conservation
    - mutations
    • - plant genetic resources
    - polyploidy
    • - seed production
    • - studies on wild relatives
    - taxonomy and nomenclature
  • - variety trials

  • All aspects of rice agronomy and crop husbandry, including: 

- agronomy

- agronomy and crop management: farming systems, cropping systems; seedbed preparation, including soil fumigation or sterilization; soil cultivation and tillage; seed and seed-tuber treatment; sowing and planting; crop establishment; spacing and plant density; mulching; irrigation; chemical growth regulation on a field scale, and growth regulation by physical methods, such as topping and sucker removal; grassland improvement; yield forecasting

- fertilizer application; date, method and form of fertilizer application; soil amendments; organic manures; nutrient uptake

- seed production; seed anatomy, morphology, embryology; seed development; seed composition; seed quality and testing; seed aging; artificial seeds



Rice agricultural economics and rice production economics. Subject areas included: 

  • - Agricultural and environmental economics research and theory 
  • - Agricultural and natural resource policy (land, water, fisheries)  
  • - Agricultural and regional development
  • - Agricultural structure
    • - Cooperatives
    - Employment and income
    • - Extension, education and research
    - Input industries
    • - Farm management and production economics
    • - Farming systems
    • - Finance and credit
    - Food policy
  • - Marketing and trade
  • - Supply, demand and prices


Genetics and biotechnology All aspects of rice genetics and molecular biology including

      • - biosafety
      - cytogenetics
    - cytology
    • - embryology
    - inheritance and gene expression
    • - intellectual property rights
    - genetic engineering
  • - gene mapping
    • - molecular genetics
    - nucleotide sequences
    • - production of secondary metabolites
    - tissue and organ culture
Harvesting, storage and agricultural engineering

In addition to rice harvesting all aspects of agricultural engineering are covered including

  • - Harvesting and threshing  
  • - Handling and transport  
  • - Grain drying, aeration and storage  
  • - Grain quality assessment using image processing
    • - Milling
        • - Ploughing and seedbed preparation, fertilizer/pesticide application
        - Seed drills
Nutrition and food technology

All aspects of rice related to animal and food nutrition are included including physiology and biochemistry of nutrients and antinutrients. 

- animal nutrition coverage includes papers on feeds, nutritive value, production responses to dietary manipulation and management, effect on digestion, rice silage making, etc.

- food science - aspects relating to human nutrition including analysis, food composition, nutritional value and contamination

- human nutrition includes nutritive value and digestibility, food allergies, diet studies, diet related disorders and therapeutic nutrition. 


Pests and diseases

- all rice pests including insects, nematodes and vertebrate pests

- also rice pathogens (bacteria, fungi and viruses) their incidence, control and management, Include integrated pest management, biological control techniques, and utilization of cultivar pest and disease resistance.


Physiology and biochemistry

Covers all areas of rice physiology including

  • - germination
  • - dormancy
    • - enzymes
    - growth
    • - growth regulators and metabolic inhibitors
    - flowering
  • - fruit development and ripening
    • - includes cultivar resistance to abiotic stresses such as drought, heat, cold and salinity- ion transport
        • - metabolism
        - nitrogen fixation
      - nutrition
    • - photosynthesis
      • - plant composition
      - plant morphology and anatomy
    • - postharvest physiology
    - respiration
    • - senescence
    • - techniques and models
    - transpiration
  • - translocation
  • - water relations
    Rural development and land use

    Covers all aspects related to rice associated with the process of rural development in those countries that are popularly termed the 'Third World'. These include:

        • - agrarian reform
        - agricultural development
      • - employment and labour
      - environment and the utilisation of natural resources
        • - food aid
        - human resources
      • - innovation adoption
      • - land tenure
      - poverty
Soils, climate and environment

All aspects of irrigation and rice soils including paddy methane emissions also effects of environmental factors. The major topics covered include:

      • - Fertilizers  
      - Soil biology  
    - Soil chemistry  
    • - Soil fertility  
    • - Soil management  
    - Soil morphology and formation  
    • - Soil physics 
  • - Soil water
Utilization of byproducts

In addition to the use of byproducts such as

  • - rice bran
    • - rice flour
    - rice meal
  • - rice straw and husks in any agricultural or industrial context
  • - other miscellaneous papers are included

- all aspects of the biology and ecology of rice weeds

- weed control by chemical physical cultural biological or integrated methods

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Title ISSN
B.R. Wells Rice Research Studies - Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Arkansas System 1941-2177
Baghdad Science Journal 2078-8665
Banats Journal of Biotechnology 2068-4673
Bangladesh Development Studies 0304-095X
Bangladesh Journal of Agricultural Research 0258-7122
Bangladesh Journal of Animal Science
Bangladesh Journal of Botany 0253-5416
Bangladesh Journal of Plant Breeding and Genetics 1026-3071
Bangladesh Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research 0304-9809
Bangladesh Journal of Veterinary Medicine 1729-7893
Bangladesh Veterinarian 1012-5949
Basic and Applied Ecology 1439-1791
Basrah Journal of Veterinary Research 1813-8497
Bayero Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences 2006-6996
Beneficial Microbes 1876-2883
Berichte aus dem Julius Kühn-Institut 1866-590X
Berliner und Münchener Tierärztliche Wochenschrift 0005-9366
Better Crops with Plant Food 0006-0089
Bhartiya Krishi Anusandhan Patrika 0303-3821
Biharean Biologist 1843-5637
Bioagro 1316-3361
Biocatalysis and Biotransformation 1024-2422
Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 0006-291X
Biochemical and Cellular Archives 0972-5075
Biochemical Engineering Journal 1369-703X
Biochemical Genetics 0006-2928
Biochemical Journal 0264-6021
Biochemical Society Transactions 0300-5127
Biochemical Systematics and Ecology 0305-1978
Biochemistry (Washington) 0006-2960
Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports 2405-5808
Biochemistry and Cell Biology 0829-8211
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) - Gene Regulatory Mechanisms 1874-9399
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, General Subjects 0304-4165
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids 1388-1981
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Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, Proteins & Proteomics 1570-9639
BioControl 1386-6141
Biocontrol Science 1342-4815
Biocontrol Science and Technology 0958-3157
Biodegradation 0923-9820
Biodiversitas: Journal of Biological Diversity 1412-033X
Biodiversity 1488-8386
Biodiversity and Conservation 0960-3115
Biodiversity Science 1005-0094
Bioelectrochemistry 1567-5394
BioEnergy Research 1939-1234
Bioengineered 2165-5979
Biofuel Research Journal 2292-8782
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Biologia Plantarum 0006-3134
Biological & Pharmaceutical Bulletin 0918-6158
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Biological Conservation 0006-3207
Biological Control 1049-9644
Biological Invasions 1387-3547
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 0024-4066
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Biology and Fertility of Soils 0178-2762
Biology Open 2046-6390
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BioMed Research International 2314-6133
Biomedical & Pharmacology Journal 0974-6242
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Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering 1226-8372
Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Reviews 0264-8725
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BMC Gastroenterology 1471-230X
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BMC Microbiology 1471-2180
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BMC Pediatrics 1471-2431
BMC Pharmacology and Toxicology 2050-6511
BMC Plant Biology 1471-2229
BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 1471-2393
BMC Public Health 1471-2458
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BMC Veterinary Research 1746-6148
BMFH - Bioscience of Microbiota, Food and Health 2186-6953
BMJ Open
Bois et Forêts des Tropiques 0006-579X
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Boletim de Indústria Animal 0067-9615
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Bosque 0304-8799
Botanica Serbica 1821-2158
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Botany 1916-2790
Boundary-Layer Meteorology 0006-8314
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Brazilian Journal of Botany 0100-8404
Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering 0104-6632
Brazilian Journal of Food Technology
Brazilian Journal of Microbiology 1517-8382
Brazilian Journal of Poultry Science 1516-635X
Breast Cancer Research and Treatment 0167-6806
Breeding Research 1344-7629
Breeding Science 1344-7610
Briefings in Bioinformatics 1467-5463
Briefings in Functional Genomics 2041-2649
British Food Journal 0007-070X
British Journal of Cancer 0007-0920
British Journal of Nutrition 0007-1145
British Poultry Science 0007-1668
Buffalo Bulletin 0125-6726
Buletin Penelitian Tanaman Rempah dan Obat / Bulletin of Research on Spice and Medicinal Crops 0215-0824
Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science 1310-0351
Bulgarian Journal of Public Health 1313-860X
Bulgarian Journal of Soil Science 2367-9212
Bulgarian Journal of Veterinary Medicine 1311-1477
Bulletin de lInstitut Scientifique: Section Sciences de la Vie 1114-8500
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Bulletin of Botanical Research 1673-5102
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Bulletin of Entomological Research 0007-4853
Bulletin of Environmental and Scientific Research 2278-5205
Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 0007-4861
Bulletin of Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University 0526-8613
Bulletin of Hokkaido Research Organization, Agricultural Experiment Stations 2186-1048
Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies 0007-4918
Bulletin of Insectology 1721-8861
Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 0092-8240
Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society 0270-4676
Bulletin of the Biogeographical Society of Japan 0067-8716
Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia 1011-3924
Bulletin of the Faculty of Agriculture, Niigata University 0385-8634
Bulletin of the Faculty of Life and Environmental Science, Shimane University 1343-3644
Bulletin of the Institute of Tropical Agriculture, Kyushu University 0915-499X
Bulletin of the NARO Agricultural Research Center 1881-6738
Bulletin of the NARO, Agricultural Research for Hokkaido Region 2432-8073
Bulletin of the NARO, Agricultural Research for Kyushu Okinawa Region 2432-8103
Bulletin of the NARO, Agricultural Research for Tohoku Region 2432-8081
Bulletin of the NARO, Agricultural Research for Western Region 2432-809X
Bulletin of University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca. Food Science and Technology 2344-2344
Bulletin Shinshu University Alpine Field Center 1348-7892
Bumi Lestari 1411-9668
Bunseki Kagaku = Journal of Japanese Society for Analytical Chemistry 0525-1931
Bursa Uludag Üniversitesi Ziraat Fakumlaut~ltesi Dergisi 1301-3165