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Review of Agricultural Entomology

Review of Agricultural Entomology

"Review of Agricultural Entomology brings you the latest information on crop protection against insect and other arthropod pests of plants and stored products."

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Review of Agricultural Entomology is a fully searchable abstracts database.

Derived from CAB Abstracts, the original life sciences database, Review of Agricultural Entomology brings you the latest information on crop protection against insect and other arthropod pests of plants and stored products.

The database also covers slugs and snails as crop pests, and beneficial arthropods, such as silkworms, pollinators and natural enemies used in biological control of other arthropods and weeds. For completeness, damage by and control of vertebrate pests of crops and stored products is also included.

Coverage is designed to keep readers up to date with important developments in pests affecting field and horticultural crops, forest trees and plant products. Also covered are general aspects of insecticides, acaricides, and molluscicides, such as legislation and safety, and non-target effects on other organisms and the environment.

Each week Review of Agricultural Entomology Online delivers all the new highly-targeted, searchable summaries covering key English and foreign language journal articles, reports, conferences and books about Agricultural Entomology. Over 20,000 records are added to the database each year.

Review of Agricultural Entomology Online includes a fully searchable backfile to 1972. Over 490,000 research summaries bring a wealth of current and seminal research in Agricultural Entomology to your fingertips

CAB Direct (CABI's own platform)


Studies on grasshoppers and locusts


Arthropod biology

All aspects are covered including:

- taxonomy and evolution
- life history, reproduction and development
- morphology and anatomy
- genetics
- physiology and biochemistry
- behaviour
- ecology (environmental effects, habitats, spatial distribution, interactions with other organisms, such as symbionts and vertebrates, population dynamics…)


Arthropod diseases

Covers diseases caused by all kinds of entomopathogens (entomopathogenic bacteria, entomogenous fungi, insect viruses, entomophilic nematodes)



Studies on ants



Studies on slug and snail pests of crops


Geographical distribution, checklists and faunas

- new geographic records of plant pests and potential plant pests
- general studies of plant pest distribution
- checklists including plant pests in specified regions



Studies on termites


Natural enemies of weeds and wild plants

Arthropods feeding on weeds and wild plants


Pest control

All forms of pest control are included:

- biological control
- integrated control
- cultural control
- physical control (including barriers)
- chemical control
- trapping (pheromone traps, bait traps…)
- mating disruption
- sterile insect release
- pest resistance
- quarantine



All aspects of insecticides, acaricides and molluscicides are covered, including:

- chemistry, formulations, synthesis
- usage
- legislation
- effects on target and nontarget organisms (toxicity, sublethal effects)
- pesticide resistance
- residues in the environment, other organisms, food and fodder
- degradation and environmental effects


Pests in relation to crops and products

Pest damage, economic thresholds and control in relation to:

- field crops (cereals, grain legumes, root crops, fibre plants, oilseed plants…)
- fodder crops & pastures
- horticultural crops (vegetables, fruit, nuts, ornamental plants, stimulant plants, herb & spice plants, dye plants, hops, pesticidal plants, rubber plants, edible fungi, essential oil plants….)
- forest trees
- stored products


Plant diseases

Plant diseases in relation to arthropod vectors


Predatory arthropods, parasitoids and ectoparasites

Covers arthropod natural enemies of arthropod or gastropod pests of crops and stored products, and ectoparasites of agricultural importance e.g. those of bees


Techniques, equipment and machinery

Laboratory and field techniques and equipment for arthropod/gastropod or pesticide study and machinery for pesticide application

Useful arthropods

Studies on useful arthropods such as pollinators, silkworms, lac insects and edible insects






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