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CABIcore - re-engineering the CABI Knowledge Business

For over 100 years CABI has created and disseminated vast amounts of information relating to agricultural research and problem-solving. But much of this content can’t be interrogated or integrated with recent content to generate new knowledge and insights. This programme aims to transform CABI’s knowledge management platforms, providing flexibility to manipulate and deliver relevant, authoritative information to researchers, practitioners and farmers in the most suitable format.

Project Overview

So, what’s the problem

CABI is a knowledge-based organization, but much of that knowledge is inaccessible and incompatible with modern technology. This means it cannot be mined to generate new solutions to problems, nor can it be integrated with other data sources to create new insights. Our content management systems are no longer fit for the modern world of ‘born digital’ information and mobile knowledge workers. We are transforming our technical platforms to be flexible, scalable and efficient, so that CABI can achieve its vision of being a digitally-powered, problem-solving organization with greater impact on a global scale.

What is this project doing?

This project is building a technical infrastructure to support CABI’s mission of being the ‘place to go’ for information on agriculture and the environment. It is introducing a new approach to content management and semantic enrichment, providing flexible and user-friendly editing systems for content editors and providing the next generation CAB Direct platform for the delivery of information products directly to our international customers and other stakeholders.   


New technology has been acquired and installed, including the TEMIS Luxid content enrichment toolkit and the MarkLogic NoSQL database. The new Compendium Editing Tool is due to be completed by the end of 2015.

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