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Our accredited molecular methods use sequencing of the 16S region of rDNA for bacteria and sequencing of the ITS region of rDNA for filamentous fungi and yeasts. Results from each sample are matched against global databases of sequenced organisms to establish their identity. For fungi and yeasts, alternative loci and morphological methods are also used where necessary to provide a fully rounded approach to finding the closest species match.

As well as our accredited service, we offer bespoke molecular services such as fingerprinting, identification of nematodes, barcoding etc. Morphological identifications are also available on request for fungi and we also offer a MALDI-ToF service for bacteria. Other methods are available such as Next Generation Sequencing. 

We are happy to tailor our services to your needs so please contact us to discuss your requirements. With our experts and contacts, if we can’t provide what you need, then we usually know someone who can.

Please note: CABI does not handle microorganisms in Category A. Category A organisms are classified as infectious substances which are capable of causing permanent disability, life-threatening or fatal disease in otherwise healthy humans or animals. These include all microorganisms in hazard group 3. For further information about Category A organisms, please see the WHO Guidance on regulations for the Transport of Infectious Substances 2017-2018.

Please contact for an Identification Request Form.

CABI Member Country identification

If you are a CABI Member Country and your samples are causing disease to agricultural crops, you may be eligible for our free service. This service is limited and we cannot accept potential human pathogens so for details, contact us at before sending your samples to us.

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