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The Diagnostic and Advisory Service can receive and examine plant material in order to provide a diagnosis with regard to plant health problems. The service has expertise in problems related to fungal and bacterial pathogens as well as nematodes. Through linkages with other UK organisations, including Fera Science Limited, we can also assist with problems related to viruses, phytoplasmas and insects. The service is unique in its global operation and the range of plant diseases it can handle, and is well placed to diagnose and advise on problems of temperate and tropical crops in particular.

The Diagnostic and Advisory Service team, using their extensive international experience and expertise, can also offer professional and practical advice on prevention and management of specific plant health problems based on interpretation and application of diagnostic results. As part of the Plantwise programme, the Diagnostic and Advisory Service is supported by a number of funders, enabling us to provide a free service to eligible groups.

Sending samples

Information is provided below through the links below on how samples and cultures should be prepared and sent to the Diagnostic and Advisory Service.

If possible, please contact the Diagnostic and Advisory Service before sending samples and cultures. This will allow Service staff to provide you with advice before you send the sample. It will also give them an opportunity to ask for any additional information which would be required for an accurate diagnosis. You will be provided with an enquiry reference number, UK Import permit (‘Letter of Authority’) and any other relevant documentation.

Guide to collecting, packing and sending material

Submission form

CABI UK General ID import permit (LoA)

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