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Plantwise: improving food security through better Plant Health System

Climate-Smart Pest Management: building resilience of farms and landscapes to changing pest threats

Efficacy of homemade botanical insecticides, a control method based on traditional knowledge

Mid-term Review of the Plantwise programme

Plantwise Impact Report 2011-2018

Global Burden of Crop Loss

Efforts to reach Sustainable Development Goals in food security, nutrition and livelihoods are being hindered by crop loss. Up 40% of crop yields are lost to pests and disease but the data available to prove and show trends is limited. The Global Burden of Crop Loss project will collect, validate, analyse and disseminate data on the extent and causes of crop loss with the aim of gathering sufficient and reliable data that can act as evidence to enable prioritisation of research and policy in plant health, to improve our ability to predict the impact of emerging diseases.