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"Learn how to diagnose pests and diseases in the field with PestSmart"

PestSmart eLearning is a course with handy reference tools that teach the skills of diagnosis for major pathogens and pest groups, and enable learners to go out directly into the field and apply their learning.

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The PestSmart Diagnostics package focuses specifically on the skills and methodologies required for field-based diagnosis.

It helps plant health practitioners and students to develop and improve their ability to recognise symptoms, relate them to causes, and to identify what is causing the problem. Containing high-resolution images, case studies and knowledge checks, it helps learners improve their knowledge through practical, independent learning.

The training includes the main pathogen groups as well as insect pests and nutrient deficiencies.

The material that forms this package is derived from CABI’s flagship programme, Plantwise, which takes a holistic international approach to pest diagnostics and management advice with national extension services.

By digitising Plantwise material and providing a range of learning and practice tools in the PestSmart Diagnostics package, we aim to fast-track the field experience of plant health professionals and students by giving them CABI’s wealth of field experience in a single course.

There are three elements to the PestSmart Diagnostics package:

  • eLearning Course
    • Diagnostic Field Guide
      • Diagnostic Simulator App


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PestSmart Diagnostic Course

The PestSmart Diagnostics Course guides learners through initially identifying symptoms and moves onto the causes of those symptoms both biotic and abiotic problems, whilst providing a methodology for field-based diagnosis.

The course consists of 15 hours of online training. There are 5 modules and each module is broken up into lessons lasting approximately 30 minutes.

PestSmart eLearning Module 1 screenshot

Module 1. Symptoms:

The symptoms that plants express when they are in some sort of distress

PestSmart eLearning Module 2

Module 2. Insects and mites:

Common groups of insect pests that attack plants

PestSmart eLearning Module 3

Module 3. Causes:

The association of symptoms and causes 

PestSmart eLearning Module 4

Module 4. Plant nutrition:

The symptoms plants show when short of a particular nutrient

PestSmart Module 5 questions

Module 5. Diagnostics:

Requires students to draw on their newly acquired skills as they are guided into making appropriate diagnoses

The eLearning course can be integrated into your LMS, or accessed via the web. 


PestSmart Navigation Guide

Learn how to quickly and easily navigate your way through the PestSmart modules with our PestSmart Navigation Guide.

PestSmart Field Guide front cover

The PestSmart Diagnostic Field Guide is an eBook that supports diagnostic decisions by showing relationships between common symptoms on plants and the various possible causes.

Packed with images and tables of pests and the symptoms they cause, it takes the learning further, by beginning to dissect what is the actual cause of any particular symptom that may be found in the field.

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PestSmart app

The PestSmart Diagnostic Simulator is a fun and interactive tool to test student learning on plant diagnosis. The highly realistic graphics on the app give the learner the opportunity to zoom in on symptoms, turn the plant around, cut the plant open and look inside the plant.

Users are asked to name the symptoms (and are scored on their symptom recognition) and then to make a diagnosis (also scored on the quality of their diagnosis).

This app is available for Android devices only, through the Google Play store.

For further information please contact our sales team to discuss your access needs and to receive a tailored