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PlantwisePlus Annual Review 2023

Investigating the feasibility of developing a collective action for biological control of fall armyworm among smallholder farmers in rural communities of Zambia

Fall armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda, an alien invasive pest from the Americas,…

Assessment of the use of CABI’s decision support tools for biosecurity – Pest Risk Analysis Tool and Horizon Scanning Tool

Village-based biological control of fall armyworm in Zambia

The damage caused by fall armyworm leads to significant yield losses for Zambian smallholder farmers during every crop cycle. While chemical pesticides are used against fall armyworm, these can cause overarching negative effects. This project aims to increase food security and safety for smallholder farmers in Zambia, by providing nature-based solutions to manage this devastating pest in maize crops.

An act of defiance? Measuring farmer deviation from personalised extension recommendations in Zambia

Policy coherence for national climate change adaptation and invasive species management in four countries