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Smallholder farmers’ knowledge, attitudes and practices towards biological control of papaya mealybug in Kenya

Farmer perceptions are highly important in influencing on-farm pest management…

Study shows “strong evidence of exceptional efficiency” of biological control agent against papaya mealybug pest

Biocontrol of papaya mealybug in East Africa

Papaya mealybug invaded East Africa between 2015 to 2020. The pest causes 57%- 91% yield and ÂŁ2,224/ha household economic losses annually and severely impacts the livelihoods of smallholder farmers. As a means of control, nearly 51% of farmers manage the pest using pesticides which harm insect biodiversity in addition to other non-target effects. Biological control is an ecologically friendlier approach that has controlled papaya mealybug elsewhere around the globe. This project aims to introduce Acerophagus papayae for classical biological control of papaya mealybug. Through this initiative, the project intends to improve the capacity of farmers and extension services to adopt climate-smart conservation biocontrol practices that interface with biodiversity conservation efforts and ultimately enhance food security.

Fight against papaya mealybug in Kenya stepped up with agent release in four more counties

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CABI works in partnership to step up fight against pests and diseases of papaya in Uganda