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CABI’s role in helping SADC Member States fight crop pests and diseases highlighted in FAO bulletin

CABI Academy digital teaching resources addressing agricultural challenges now available in Bolivia

FAO and CABI to support SADC Member States in fight against five key priority crop pests and diseases

New PlantwisePlus programme launched to help farmers produce more and higher quality food

African Crop Epidemiology System (ACES)

The increasing frequency and severity of pest (insects, pathogens and weeds) outbreaks are causing huge crop losses in Sub Saharan Africa. Reducing such losses requires the application of robust plant protection measures at farmers’ levels. Pest-mediated crop losses exceed 50% in both West and East Africa, but losses in northwest Europe stand at only approximately 18%. The development and implementation of an efficient, resilient and integrated plant protection system, that is guided by effective surveillance and forecasting of outbreaks, will help provide a timely and effective response and is expected to narrow the yield gap in many countries.

CABI calls for greater investment in food security programmes to help stem global rise in hunger

CABI is today calling for greater investment in food security programmes to help stem the global rise in hunger following the publication of a UN report which says more than 820 million people worldwide are still going to bed hungry.