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Tripartite south-south cooperation to support Botswana develop the digital knowledge hub for greater food security

Integrated Pest Management is best approach to fighting fall armyworm pest in Botswana, new study reveals

Working in partnership to ‘close the net’ on fall armyworm pest in Botswana

CABI announces major commitments in fight against invasive species

Coinciding with its regional consultation with member states in Africa, CABI hosted a policy summit on invasive species in Gaborone, Botswana.

Strong, inclusive and empowering partnerships vital to tackling the world’s food crisis

Dr Dennis Rangi, CABI’s Director General, Development, has told CABI’s African Regional Consultation in Botswana that strong, inclusive and empowering partnerships are key to tackling not only Africa’s but the world’s food crisis where some 815 million suffer chronic undernourishment.