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Veterinary Science Database

Veterinary Science Database

"The Veterinary Science Database covers all aspects of veterinary medicine and anthropod, helminth, protozoal and fungal diseases of domestic and wild animals."

Over 30 years of veterinary science research at your fingertips.


Compiled by subject specialists at CABI Publishing, the Veterinary Science Database contains more than 650,000 abstracts and citations, with 15,000 records added annually. Containing over 30 years of research from over 75 countries it provides an ideal source of information for anyone interested in the fields of Animal Science, Veterinary Science, Food & Agriculture, and Zoology.

The Veterinary Science Database includes over 30 years of information on:

  • - anaesthesia
  • - anatomy
  • - animal behaviour
  • - animal welfare
  • - bacterial diseases
  • - haematology
  • - husbandry
  • - immunology
  • - meat inspection
  • - metabolic disorders
  • - parasitology
  • - pharmacology
  • - physiology
  • - radiography
  • - slaughter
  • - surgery
  • - toxicology
  • - viral diseases
  • - veterinary history
  • - zoonoses 
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Title ISSN
Acta Geographica Silesiana 1897-5100
Advances in Zoology and Botany 2331-5083
Adverse Drug Reactions Journal 1008-5734
African Journal of Disability 2223-9170
Agricultural Communications 2054-0868
Algerian Journal of Arid Environment 2170-1318
American Chemical Science Journal 2249-0205
American Journal of Drug Discovery and Development 2150-427X
Applied Energy 0306-2619
Arak Medical University Journal
Archives of Clinical Infectious Diseases 2641-2345
Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics and Sociology 2320-7027
Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research 0971-4456
Asian Pacific Journal of Reproduction 2305-0500
Avicenna Journal of Phytomedicine (AJP) 2228-7930
Basrah Journal of Veterinary Research 1813-8497
Biodiversitas: Journal of Biological Diversity 1412-033X
Bioscience Horizons
Borneo Journal of Resource Science and Technology 229-9769
British Journal of Economics, Management and Trade 2278-098X
China Brewing 0254-5071
Energy Science and Engineering 2050-0505
European Journal of Zoological Research 2278-7356
Farmacéuticos Comunitarios 1885-8619
Food Science Research Journal 0976-1276
Genome Announcements 2169-8287
Global Journal of Animal Scientific Research 2345-4377
Hrana u Zdravlju i Bolesti / Food in Health and Disease 2233-1220
IIOAB Journal 0976-3104
Independent Journal of Management and Production 2236-269X
Indian Journal of Economics and Development 2277-5412
Información Técnica - Instituto National de Tecnologia Agropecuaria 0327-425X
International Asian Research Journal 2310-337X
International Journal for Parasitology: Parasites and Wildlife 2213-2244
International Journal of Agricultural Extension 2311-8547
International Journal of Agricultural Policy and Research 2350-1561
International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharma Research 2322-0902
International Journal of Basic Sciences and Applied Research 2147-3749
International Journal of Biochemistry Research and Review 2231-086X
International Journal of Biodiversity 2314-4149
International Journal of Biological Research 2307-9029
International Journal of Diseases and Disorders 2329-9835
International Journal of Food and Agricultural Economics 2147-8988
International Journal of Herbal Medicine 2321-2187
International Journal of Livestock Research 2277-1964
International Journal of Medical and Applied Sciences 2320-3137
International Journal of Molecular Ecology and Conservation 1927-663X
International Journal of Pharmacy Research and Science 2348-0882
International Journal of Research in BioSciences 2319-2844
International Journal of Veterinary Science and Medicine 2314-4580
International Journal of Womens Health and Reproduction Sciences 2330-4456
International Letters of Natural Sciences 2300-9675
International Research Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry 2231-3443
IUFS Journal of Biology 1300-7041
Journal of Advanced Pharmacy Education and Research 2249-3379
Journal of Advanced Research 2090-1232
Journal of Advanced Veterinary and Animal Research 2311-7710
Journal of Agricultural Resources and Environment 2095-6819
Journal of Agricultural Science and Applications 2227-6475
Journal of Animal Behaviour and Biometeorology 2318-1265
Journal of Applied Animal Science 1906-2257
Journal of Applied Biology and Biotechnology 2347-212X
Journal of Applied Phytotechnology in Environmental Sanitation 2088-6586
Journal of Basic and Applied Zoology 2090-9896
Journal of Biological Research-Thessaloniki 2241-5793
Journal of Coastal Life Medicine 2309-5288
Journal of Current Research in Science 2322-5009
Journal of Dalian Ocean University 2095-1388
Journal of Dalian Polytechnic University 1674-1404
Journal of Environment and Ecology 2157-6092
Journal of Environmental Treatment Techniques 2309-1185
Journal of Innovation in Food Science and Technology 2251-6476
Journal of Insect Biodiversity 2147-7612
Journal of Medical Microbiology and Diagnosis 2161-0703
Journal of Oil Palm, Environment & Health
Journal of Pharma Research 2319-5622
Journal of Practical Hepatology (Shiyong Ganzangbing Zazhi) 1672-5069
Journal of Proteomics and Bioinformatics 0974-276X
Journal of Scientific Research and Reports 2320-0227
Journal of Scientific Research in Pharmacy 2277-9469
Journal of Zoology Studies 2348-5914
Kahramanmaras Sütçü Üniversitesi Doga Bilimleri Dergisi
Klinická Mikrobiologie a Infekcní Lékarství 1211-264X
La Calera 1998-7846
Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology 2213-8587
Lipid Insights 1178-6353
Malaysian Journal of Animal Science
Menba Journal of Fisheries Faculty 2147-2254
Molecular Biology Research Communications 2322-181X
Nativa: Pesquisas Agrárias e Ambientais 2318-7670
Net Journal of Agricultural Science 2315-9766
Open Biology 2046-2441
Pakistan Journal of Food Sciences 1605-2552
Pakistan Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research, Series B: Biological Sciences 2221-6421
Persian Gulf Crop Protection 2251-9343
Revista Agrotecnologia 2179-5959
Revista Brasileira de Agropecuária Sustentável 2317-5818
Revista Brasileira de Higiene e Sandidade Animal 1981-2965
Revista de Investigación Agraria y Ambiental 2145-6097
Rossiiskii Parazitologicheskii Zhurnal 1998-8435
Saúde e Pesquisa 1983-1870
Scholars Journal of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences 2348-8883
Scholars Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences 2347-9493
Science and Animal Health 2318-356X
Science International (Dubai) 2305-1884
Scientific Journal of Microbiology 2322-2948
Sultan Qaboos University Medical Journal 2075-051X
Tecniko & Pratiko
The Biologist (Lima) 1816-0719
The Bioscan
Toloo-e-Behdasht 1728-5127
Transylvanian Review of Systematical and Ecological Research 1841-7051
Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Water
Zlatorgov Zbornik 2232-6499
Zoological Systematics 2095-6827