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CAB Abstracts

CAB Abstracts

"CAB Abstracts – your access to the world’s applied life sciences research"

Now with 8.5 million records!

CAB Abstracts is the leading English-language bibliographic information service providing access to the world’s applied life sciences literature. It comes with CABI Full Textgiving users automatic access to over 350,000* journal articles, conference papers and reports (80% of which are not available electronically anywhere else). 

CAB Abstracts is available on a number of platforms including which re-launched in July 2016.

The most comprehensive database of its kind, CAB Abstracts gives researchers instant access to over 8.5 million records* from 1973 onwards, with over 380,000 abstracts added each year. Its coverage of the applied life sciences includes agriculture, environment, veterinary sciences, applied economics, food science and nutrition.

Our excellent international coverage sets CAB Abstracts apart from other databases. We process all relevant publications, including less well-known and non-English journals and those published by independent and learned publishers. With publications from over 120 countries in 50 languages, including English abstracts for most articles, researchers get the fullest global picture for any subject.

Our subject specialists rigorously select relevant records from over 8,000 serials, books and conference proceedings, ensuring unparalleled coverage. As a result, we include information from more agricultural serials than any other database.

*Figures as at January 2017.


CAB Abstracts on Vimeo.

  • instant access to over 8.5 million records
  • over 380,000 abstracts added each year
  • international coverage, with publications from over 120 countries
  • each record hand-selected by our subject specialists from over 10,000 serials, books and conference proceedings
  • comprehensive subject indexing with the CAB Thesaurus (CABI's controlled vocabulary tool) making searching easier and providing more precise access to ALL relevant research

Used by hundreds of the world's leading institutions, including 75% of US land-grant universities, together with many of the premier universities and research centres from across the globe, CAB Abstracts is the first choice for agriculture and related applied life sciences.

"CAB Abstracts is the leading English-language bibliographic information service providing access to the world's agricultural literature. It has a longstanding reputation for comprehensive, quality abstracting and indexing, and integrity of its data. This should be the first stop for the serious researcher."
- Luti Salisbury, Librarian/Professor, Agriculture, Food and Life Sciences Subject Specialist, University of Arkansas Libraries


"The search of CAB Abstracts was the most specific and yielded the most trials in the least amount of time."
- Alison Avenell, Helen G Handoll and Adrian M Grant, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition


"This study indicates that if CAB Abstracts is available for searching the core agricultural serials, doing a literature search in any of all of the other three databases would represent a duplication of effort."
- Jodee l. Kawasaki, Indexing of Core Agricultural Serials, in IAALD

As well as selecting from thousands of core scientific journals, CAB Abstracts also offers extensive coverage of  "grey" literature from around the world including:

  • annual reports
  • general reports
  • books/book chapters
  • handbooks
  • bulletins
  • monographs
  • conference proceedings
  • newsletters
  • discussion papers
  • technical information
  • field notes
  • theses




Agricultural engineering
  • agricultural and horticultural machinery
  • implements, equipment and buildings
  • design, construction, selection and operation and control
  • effects on crops, livestock and soil
Applied economics and sociology
  • policy formation
  • development programmes
  • the economics of the food industry
  • natural resources utilization
  • farm management
  • aspects of education and research
  • rural sociology
Animal health
  • all aspects of veterinary medicine
  • animal welfare and behaviour
  • zoonoses
  • food safety (of meat and milk, including meat inspection)
Animal nutrition
  • nutrition
  • feeding and metabolism of farm animals
  • companion animals
  • equine
  • zoo and game animals
Animal production
  • breeding and genetics of animals of economic importance
  • animal production
  • animal nutrition
  • animal biotechnology
  • aquaculture
  • dairy science and technology 
  • production
  • feeding
  • husbandry
  • breeding
  • genetics and health of cultured fish
  • crustaceans
  • molluscs
  • other aquaculture species
  • production and processing of energy crops into biodiesel or fuel ethanol 
  • energy forestry 
  • biogas production from livestock wastes and agricultural residues 
  • fermentation technology 
  • energy policy 
  • economics and landuse issues
Biosafety and Bioterrorism

Biosafety issues associated with introduction of transgenic organisms, including:

  • environmental impact and food safety issues 
  • regulations, treaties and trade 
  • issues related to Agricultural chemicals and laboratory techniques  
  • detection and prevention of bioterrorism
  • pathogens affecting humans and agricultural organisms

The application of molecular genetics, genetic engineering and in vitro culture to organisms of agricultural importance, with an emphasis on: 

  • methodology 
  • studies of agriculturally useful traits 
  • applications of biotechnology for traditional animal and plant breeding 
  • economic, planning and policy aspects 
  • biosafety 
  • GM food, legal and social issues  

All aspects of breeding and genetics of animals and plants using traditional approaches and modern techniques, including: 

  • use of genetic resources in breeding 
  • breeders’ rights 
  • reproduction 
  • evolution and domestication 
  • pesticides
  • adjuvants
  • botanical pesticides
  • biochemistry of pest organisms 
  • biocontrol 
  • farmed animals and plants 
  • biofuels 
  • chemistry of soils, fertilizers, freshwater and waste water
  •  nutritional biochemistry 
Climate change

The effect of climate change on natural resources, covering:

  • crop production, pests and diseases 
  • animal health and production 
  • human health 
  • agro-economic aspects such as rural development and demography 
  • tourism 
  • the production and processing of bio-fuels 
  • microbiology fermentation 
  • energy co-generation in the sugar industry 
Crop science and grasslands

All aspects relating to field and forage crops including: 

  • genetics and breeding 
  • taxonomy 
  • botany 
  • physiology 
  • biochemistry 
  • propagation 
  • production 
  • management and storage 
  • grassland and rangeland ecology, management and sustainability 
  • sustainable tourism development 
  • tourism for development and poverty alleviation in developing countries 
  • environmental management systems 
  • environmental impact of tourism and tourist facilities 
  • nature conservation
  • resource use
  • taxonomy 
  • genetics 
  • behaviour 
  • morphology 
  • physiology 
  • control of insects and other arthropods of medical, veterinary or agricultural importance
Environmental science
  • environment 
  • biodiversity and ecology, including soil science, water resources, organic farming, forestry and integrated crop management 
  • environmental pollution and remediation 
  • issues relating to the conservation of land, forest and soils 
  • biological and genetic resources 
  • climate change effects 
  • nature conservation
Food science and technology

Entire food chain, from farm to fork and beyond including:

  • composition 
  • quality control
  • processing 
  • analytical methodologies 
  • safety 
  • hygiene 
  • effect on human health 
  • technology 
  • legislation

All aspects of global forest and wood science research, including:

  • silviculture and forest management
  • tree biology
  • forest ecology
  • agroforestry
  • logging
  • wood anatomy
  • wood technology
  • international trade of timber and non-wood forest products

Genetics of organisms of agricultural or economic significance and wild relatives, covering:

  • molecular genetics
  • cytogenetics
  • population genetics
  • genomics
  • nutrigenomics
  • prevalence of genetic risk factors and susceptibility genes in humans

All aspects of medical and veterinary helminthology of these parasites, including:

  • genetics
  • physiology
  • biochemistry
  • ecology
  • pathology
  • immunobiology
  • epidemiology and transmission
  • life cycle
  • vectors
  • treatment and control and scientific techniques
Horticultural science

All aspects of horticultural science, including:

  • genetic resources 
  • breeding 
  • biology 
  • propagation 
  • pests, diseases 
  • crop management 
  • growth models 
  • environmental physiology 
  • postharvest treatment 
  • crop quality 
  • marketing and economics of horticultural crops 
Human nutrition 
  • physiology and biochemistry of all nutrients 
  • analytical methodologies 
  • public health nutrition 
  • sports nutrition 
  • nutrition education 
  • dietary surveys 
  • reproduction and diet 
  • human growth 
  • infant feeding 
  • ageing 
  • nutritional status 
  • clinical nutrition
Invasive species

All invasive plants and cyanobacteria or animals of veterinary importance and any invasive animal (including many insects and other arthropods, rodents, feral goats and other mammals) that affect the following:

  • crops 
  • forest trees 
  • stored agricultural products 
  • timbers 
  • grasslands 
  • soils 
  • water supplies 
  • human health
Leisure and tourism

Social, economic and environmental impacts of activities, products and services in:

  • leisure
  • recreation
  • sport and tourism
  • travel  
Medicinal plants and pharmacology
  • botany
  • physiology
  • biochemistry
  • propagation and cultivation of medicinal plants
  • pharmacological papers on plant constituents and herbal drugs 
  • veterinary microbiology
  • plant pathogens
  • mycorrhizas
  • soil microbiology
  • forest microbiology
  • food microbiology
  • microbiology related to water pollution
  • toxinogenic fungi
  • mycotoxins and other toxins
  • animal vaccines
Microrganisms of veterinary and cultural importance including their:
  • taxonomy
  • ecology
  • biochemistry
  • genetics
  • molecular genetics
  • physiology
  • biochemistry and systematics
All aspects of mycoses in both humans and animals including:
  • pathology
  • epidemiology
  • immunology
  • diagnosis
  • therapy 
Natural resources, land/water management

All aspects of soil science and management and all aspects of land resources management including:

  • fertilizers 
  • earth sciences 
  • environmental pollution 
  • remediation aspects 
  • water resources and their management in terms of agriculture 
  • water supply in relation to factors such as climate change
Issues relating to the conservation of:
  • land
  • forest
  • soil
  • biological and genetic resources
  • nature and habitat
  • plant nematode diseases
  • other nematodes and hosts
  • biology
  • ecology
  • control
  • nematicides
  • nematodes as genetic models
  • techniques
  • equipment and machinery
  • economics
  • extension
  • education
Organic and sustainable agriculture

Organic and sustainable crop production and animal husbandry Including:

  • soil fertility management
  • composting
  • pest control
  • organic methods of animal healthcare
  • low input and traditional farming systems
  • environmental impacts of farming and organic foods

Medical and veterinary parasitic diseases and vectors and vector-borne diseases, which includes many of the most important tropical diseases. Complete coverage of host organisms, taxonomy, biology and control.

Plant pathology

All types of plant pathogens including:

  • diseases of all crops 
  • forest trees 
  • weeds and wild plants 
  • pathogen biology 
  • mycotoxins 
  • plant disease control 
  • fungicides 
  • techniques, equipment and economics 
Plant protection

Comprehensive coverage of the control and management of pests, weeds, parasites and pathogens, including:

  • chemical control (all aspects of pesticides) 
  • biological control 
  • cultural and physical control 
  • integrated pest management 
  • pest/disease resistance 
  • pest surveys 
  • quarantine control equipment 
  • all organisms that harm crops, stored products, forest trees and timber 

All aspects of postharvest research, from harvesting the crop up to the initial stages of processing.

  • taxonomy 
  • morphology 
  • molecular genetics 
  • physiology 
  • host relationships, 
  • clinical aspects of protozoal infections of medical and veterinary importance including immunobiology, treatment and control of the diseases and their vectors. 
Soil science

All aspects of soil science including soil properties, soil management including:

  • classification and formation 
  • soil conservation 
  • irrigation and drainage 
  • fertilizer technology
Veterinary medicine

Comprehensive coverage of veterinary medicine (food animals, pets, sport horses, zoo and wild animals), including:

  • veterinary pharmacology 
  • surgery 
  • diagnosis  Immunology 
  • veterinary public health 
  • phage and fungal viruses related to animal and plants 
  • pathogens Viruses of agricultural and forestry species 
  • animal viruses and viral infections of veterinary interest 
  • insect viruses where there is potential for biological control and plant viruses carried by insects 
Waste management
  • biological, chemical and physical treatment of water and agricultural wastes 
  • the use (including genetic manipulation of) microorganisms for the breakdown of specific compounds 
  • reclamation and bioremediation of polluted lands, soil and freshwater pollution from natural and manmade sources

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Title ISSN
Acta Universitatis Sapientiae: Agriculture and Environment 2068-2964
Advances in Climate Change Research 1674-9278
Advances in Forestry Science 2359-6570
African Health Monitor 2077-6128
African Journal of Midwifery and Womens Health 1759-7374
Agrarian South: Journal of Political Economy 2277-9760
Alcoholism and Psychiatry Research 1849-8582
Algerian Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 2437-1114
Aquaculture Reports 2352-5134
Aro 2410-9355
Azarian Journal of Agriculture 2383-4420
Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports 2405-5808
Bioethanol 2299-6788
Biosaintifika: Journal of Biology & Biology Education 2085-191X
BizInfo (Blace) Journal of Economics, Management and Informatics 2217-2769
BMC Research Notes 1756-0500
Burns & Trauma 2321-3876
Canine Genetics and Epidemiology 2052-6687
Challenges in Sustainability 2297-6477
Chemical and Biological Technologies in Agriculture
Chronic Diseases Journal
Clinical Nutrition ESPEN 2045-4577
Cogent Environmental Science 2331-1843
Cogent Geoscience 2331-2041
Current Opinion in Insect Science 2214-5745
Duazary 1794-5992
Economic Anthropology 2330-4847
Egyptian Journal of Agronematology 1110-6518
Electronic International Fertilizer Correspondent (e-ifc) 1662-6656
Emergency 2345-4563
Erdészettudományi Közlemények 2062-6711
European Journal for Sport and Society 1613-8171
European Journal of Ecology 1339-8474
Evaluation and Analysis of Drug-Use in Hospitals of China 1672-2124
Faipar 2064-9231
Foods 2304-8158
Frontiers in Veterinary Science 2297-1769
Gender Climate Brief
Geografi 2289-4470
Geoscience Data Journal
Global Social Welfare 2196-8799
Halteres 0973-1555
Health & Justice 2194-7899
Heliyon 2405-8440
HOZAN 2476-3764
Hydrology 2306-5338
Indonesian Journal of Forestry Research 2355-7079
Infectious Diseases and Therapy 2193-8229
Injury Epidemiology 2197-1714
INSTARS: A Journal of Undergraduate Research 2374-7595
International Journal of Chemical Engineering 1687-806X
International Journal of Chemistry 1916-9698
International Journal of Drug Research and Technology (IJDRT) 2277-1506
International Journal of Energy Production and Management 2056-3272
International Journal of Food Science 2356-7015
International Journal of Geophysics 1687-885X
International Journal of Nutrition, Pharmacology, Neurological Diseases 2231-2722
Iranian Journal of Veterinary Clinical Sciences 2423-3633
Journal of Addiction 2090-7834
Journal of Agricultural Education 1042-0541
Journal of Agricultural Extension 1119-944X
Journal of Agricultural Machinery 2228-6829
Journal of Applied Sport Management 2327-0179
Journal of Biodiversity 0976-6901
Journal of Biological Engineering Research and Review 2349-3232
Journal of Biomedical and Clinical Research 1313-9053
Journal of Civil Engineering, Environment and Architecture 2300-5130
Journal of Energy 2356-735X
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 2213-3437
Journal of Environmental Entomology 1674-0858
Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care 2249-4863
Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery Open Reports 2055-1169
Journal of Forestry Engineering 2096-1359
Journal of Indonesian Tourism and Development Studies 2355-3979
Journal of Membrane and Separation Technology 1929-6037
Journal of Microbiology Research 2166-5885
Journal of Mountain Agriculture on the Balkans 1311-0489
Journal of Natural Sciences Engineering and Technology 2277-0593
Journal of Nutritional Therapeutics 1929-5634
Journal of Polymers 2356-7570
Journal of Renewable Energy 2314-4386
Journal of Southern Agricultural Education Research 1953-6412
Journal of Technology Innovations in Renewable Energy 1929-6002
Journal of the Indian Society for Coastal Agricultural Research 0972-1584
Journal of Tourism and Leisure Studies 2470-9336
Journal of Water and Wastewater/Ab va Fazilab 1024-5936
Jurnal Manajemen Hutan Tropika 2087-0469
Limnologica - Ecology and Management of Inland Waters 0075-9511
Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development 1822-6760
mSphere 2379-5042
Natural History Sciences 2385-0442
Oltenia Journal for Studies in Natural Sciences 1454-6914
One Health 2352-7714
Organic Farming 2297-6485
Perspectivas Online: Biológicas e Saúde 2236-8868
Policy Brief - PLAAS
Porcine Health Management 2055-5660
Present Environment and Sustainable Development 2284-7820
Public Health Forum 1876-4851
Research Report - PLAAS
Revista de Agricultura Neotropical 2358-6303
Revue des Sciences de lEau: Journal of Water Science 1718-8598
Riparian Ecology and Conservation 2299-1042
Saudi Journal of Obesity 2347-2618
Science & Healthcare 2410-4280
Scientifica 2090-908X
Selcuk University Journal of Engineering, Science and Technology 2147-9364
Toprak Bilimi ve Bitki Besleme Dergisi 2146-8141
Traditional & Kampo Medicine 2053-4515
Traektoriâ Nauki 2413-9009
Veterinaria México OA 2007-5472
Veterinary Medicine and Science 2053-1095
Veterinary Times Livestock 1352-9374
Virus Evolution 2057-1577
Visnyk of Dnipropetrovsk University. Biology, ecology 2310-0842
Visnyk of Dnipropetrovsk University. Biology, medicine 2310-4155
Western Pacific Surveillance and Response 2094-7321
Working Paper - Centre for Global Development
Yem Magazin 1302-2687