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Staff image of Matthew  Ryan

Matthew Ryan Curator, Genetic Resource Collection

T: +44 (0)1491 829063


CABI, Bakeham Lane, Egham, Surrey, TW209TY, United Kingdom

I'm a microbiologist with specific interests in pure and applied mycology, biodeterioration and natural product research.  My work as Curator of the CABI's Genetic Resource Collection involves managing the general operations and research programmes of the collection.  I have worked at CABI since 1999, over which time I have worked on various projects including biodeterioration of hydrocarbon fuels, genomic stability and cryobiology. I was awarded the ‘George Planer Prize’ of the Society of Low Temperature Biology in 2000.

Project image: Controlling Japanese knotweed in Great Britain

MIRRI: improving access to microbial resources, services and data

Microorganisms are vital natural resources for biotechnology; they help advance human health, improve food security and provide innovative solutions to research and development. The European microbial landscape is fragmented and resources or data are hard to find. The Microbial Resource Research...
Project image: Controlling Japanese knotweed in Great Britain

Developing biopesticides to remove the need for cold storage

Farmers face issues with insect pests that damage their crops. In Africa, cold storage facilities necessary for some biopesticides aren't always available. As experts in this and crop management, we are working with Asymptote Ltd, a UK technology company, to develop an appropriate product for rural...
Project image: Controlling Japanese knotweed in Great Britain

Establishing a centre for crop health and protection in the UK

Breakthroughs in science and technology are helping overcome global food production challenges and changing the worlds’ agriculture. A new Centre for Applied Crop Science is ensuring the UK has the necessary capital needed to deliver a cutting edge platform to support agriculture in the UK and beyond. CABI...
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