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Panel discussion explores space-enabled technologies for innovation in agriculture

Rasaki Arasah

CABI’s expertise in digital development highlighted at VizAfrica Conference 2024

Enabling FAIR data sharing and responsible data use

The generation, collection, storage, use and sharing of data can be time-consuming and expensive. Often, effort is duplicated, or the potential value of data is lost because the data cannot be found, accessed, used, or reused. Not all the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s data-rich work has met its potential because data has not been shared or assets have not been used in new contexts. The foundation is committed to unlocking the full value of data in agriculture and food systems through open and interoperable data ecosystems. In this project, CABI will address constraints in realizing the value of data in the foundation’s investments by increasing the capacity and capability of Program Officers, grantees and national systems to initiate and manage change processes towards FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable) and responsible data management.

CABI joins One Food programme for a ‘One Health’ approach to sustainable food systems in South Africa

Tripartite south-south cooperation to support Botswana develop the digital knowledge hub for greater food security