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Environmental Sciences

CABI provides up-to-date information on the issues of environmental quality, including pollution and habitat degradation, associated remediation technologies, soil and water resources, biofuels and climate change. We also provide resources to support those working in forest science, where issues such as deforestation, climate change and the spread of pest and disease are especially critical, affecting economies and livelihoods globally.

We collate published information from the world’s scientific literature, and commission books and monographs. CABI scientists also undertake related project work in developing countries, partnering knowledge with practical solutions.

Our products and services

Created in response to demand from the scientific community, policy makers and information specialists for a single comprehensive bibliographic information resource on climate change and other influences of humans on the biosphere.

The world's leading bibliographic database for forest, wood science and agroforestry research.  At its core is CABI’s abstracting and indexing database.

Comprehensive, encyclopedic resource for information on tree and woody plant species of major economic importance and lesser-known species of local importance. It is ideal for practical decision making.

Invasive Species Compendium

OPEN ACCESS resource supporting the work of those tasked with the identification, prevention and management of invasive species around the world.


CABI also publishes a wide range of Books and eBooks aimed at academics, students, practitioners and policy makers.

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Publishing Subjects

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