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About the book

This book addresses the issue of animal welfare within the tourism experience. The first part explores the meaning of 'animal welfare' and its relation to ethics, animal rights and human obligations to animals. It also explores the nature and diversity of the position and role of animals within tourism.

Part two builds upon concepts and ideas and reflects the views of a variety of animal welfare organisations and individual leaders, tourism industry organisations, tourism operators, and academic experts, about the nature of the tourism industry, the welfare needs of animals, and whether or how the two can co-exist. The case studies and opinion pieces that constitute this section encompass differing perspectives on animal welfare and tourism. The section is designed to encourage the reader to consider their own position regarding animals in tourism and their welfare.

With contributions from Jane Goodall, Founder - The Jane Goodall Institute and UN Messenger of Peace.

Videos of presentations from the CABI LSBU RVC Tourism and Animal Welfare Symposium are available below.

Tigers and Tourists: How to Change Minds and Influence People
Dr Tom Moorhouse

Presencing Animal Welfare in Tourism: Tackling Absencing as a Cause of Unhealthy Relationships and Poor Mule Welfare in the International Mountain Tourism Industry
Dr Glen Cousquer

Sentience, Welfare, Ethics and Human Entertainment
Prof Don Broom

Building Strategic Partnerships to Improve Animal Welfare in Tourism
Daniel Turner, ANIMONDIAL

Elephants and Tourism: A Pathway to an Elephant-friendly Future
Dr Jan Schmidt-Burbach

A Veterinary Perspective on Animal Welfare and Tourism
Stuart Patterson

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