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Fall Armyworm Evidence Note 2017

Published: September, 2017

Evidence note

Arne Witt, Birgitta Oppong-Mensah, Corin Pratt, Jose Gómez, Julien Lamontagne-Godwin, Matthew Cock, Melanie Bateman, Natalia Corniani, Noah Phiri, Pablo Gonzalez-Moreno, Phil Abrahams, Regan Early, Roger Day, Sean T Murphy, Silvia Silvestri, Tim Beale, Victor Clottey, Yelitza Colmenarez

This report, commissioned by the Department for International Development, indicates that the arrival of fall armyworm (FAW) in Africa has the potential to cause maize yield losses in a range from 8.3 to 20.6 million tonnes per annum, in the absence of any control methods, in just 12 maize-producing countries. This represents a range of 21%-53% of the annual averages production of maize over a three year period in these countries. The value of these losses is estimated between $2,481m – $6,187m.

Evidence indicates that FAW’s spread to the limits of its viable African habitat within the next few cropping seasons should be expected. This may include northern Africa and Madagascar.

Fall Armyworm Evidence Note 2017

Type Evidence note

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Language English

Year 2017