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Evaluation of MAS-ICM 2015-2020

Published: December, 2022

Study brief

Hariet Hinz, Manfred Grossrieder, Christine Jurt Vicuña Muñoz, Frances Williams

The Masters of Advanced Studies in Integrated Crop Management (MAS ICM) was a higher education course which ran from 2015 to 2020. The interdisciplinary course provided knowledge on ICM within a sustainable agricultural production system, and the course was offered to agricultural professionals from developing countries.

This assessment aimed to determine the actual benefits experienced by the 66 graduated students, whom mainly came from Africa and Asia and 40% of which were women. A questionnaire was developed that mainly focused on quantifying the longer-term impacts of the course after the students had returned home. Participants reported a variety of different impacts, including job promotion, increased confidence and respect in their opinions, as well as increased knowledge and soft skills. The study concluded that knowledge transfer might be as efficient in virtual online courses as face-to-face courses. However, the gain in soft skills, that was a key benefit for MAS ICM students, would be challenging for those participating in a virtual course to obtain. An online Certificate of Advanced Studies course is currently being rolled out by CABI and would profit from a similar evaluation in a few years’ time.

Study Brief 43

Evaluation of MAS-ICM 2015-2020


Type Study brief

Published in Study Brief 43: Impact

Language English

Year 2022