2022 Open Request for Proposals (RFPs)

Consultancy: Facilitating dialogue with food safety policy makers and regulators in Kenya

Food security and food safety are critical components in the agricultural sector in Africa. It is as crucial to produce safer food as it is to increase quantity. Small scale farmers often resort to using harmful pesticides in an effort to avoid crop loss and mitigate the damaging effects of pests and diseases.

The CABI-led PlantwisePlus Programme aims to enable smallholder farmers to grow safer and higher quality foods through sustainable crop production. Through one of its objectives, the Programme will more specifically increase the supply of and demand for safer, higher quality and locally produced food in domestic markets.

The PlantwisePlus programme will engage decision makers and relevant stakeholders in a discussion on issues related to food safety in Kenya, with a particular interest in pesticide

CABI would like to engage a Consultant to support stakeholder dialogue on food safety, contributing to the achievement of Activity 2.1.2: Engage policy makers including those involved in the regulation of biopesticides/pesticides and monitoring maximum residue levels (MRLs) in dialogue concerning food safety issues.

The assignment will include the facilitation of a series of policy engagement meetings and finalizing, and dissemination of the briefing paper.

Closing date for applications
3rd June 2022

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