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Gender Analysis of Uptake of Trichogramma chilonis to Control Helicoverpa armigera on Tomato Crops in Pakistan

PlantwisePlus Annual Review 2023

Insecticidal Potential of Eco-friendly Mycoinsecticides for the management of fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda) under in vitro condition

The invasive polyphagous pest Fall armyworm (FAW) Spodoptera frugiperda, (Lepidoptera:…

Earth observation to improve critical datasets for pest risk modelling

Rising temperatures have led to pests, diseases and weeds establishing in areas of the world that were previously uninhabitable. Furthermore, growth in global trade and new trade pathways increase the risk of accidental movement of pests. Earth Observation (EO) and climatic data can help by improving predictions about where potential agricultural pests and diseases may be a threat. Information produced by models can help decision makers understand and prepare for future risks. Working with a consortium of researchers, this project will use EO data to improve the data layers used in models that predict where pests can establish, including irrigation, areas under protected agriculture and climatic canopy conditions, demonstrating the improvements made to species distribution estimations for key pests and biological control agents.

Plantwise Sustainability: Two Years on Follow-up assessments in six countries

PlantwisePlus External Review 2023: Management Response