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Évaluation finale de CABI Plantwise Burundi (2020-2023)

Cette Ă©valuation finale du projet CABI Plantwise au Burundi Ă©value…

End evaluation of CABI Plantwise Burundi (2020-2023)

This End Evaluation of the CABI Plantwise project in Burundi…

Managing scale insects in fresh fruits in East Africa to enhance market access

Trade in mango, avocado, papaya and citrus within the East African Community region, the European Union and China at import and export levels have been rising. However, meeting the increasing demand is being affected by a number of crop pests and diseases. In East Africa, scale insects – mealybug pests such as Papaya mealybug and fruit tree mealybug – are impacting cultivation and yields. To tackle these pests and increase trade, CABI is working with partners to increase compliance with sanitary and phytosanitary requirements through improved surveillance and management of scale insect pests in East Africa.

Plantwise au Burundi Rapport Annuel 2022

Plantwise in Burundi Annual Report 2022

Assessing the Plant Health System of Burundi: What It Is, Who Matters and Why