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Staff image of Alan  Buddie

Alan Buddie Senior Molecular Microbiologist (and Biochemist)

T: +44(0) 1491 829065


CABI, Bakeham Lane, Egham, Surrey, TW209TY, United Kingdom


PhD in fungal systematics ‘Systematics of Colletotrichum pathogens associated with strawberry plants’, BSc in Microbiology/Microbial Genetics. CBiol. MRSB.

I have worked for CABI for over 20 years, specializing in applied microbiology and molecular biology of fungi, bacteria and nematodes (including systematics, phylogenetics, biomics, DNA extraction techniques & PCR methodology). I am a taxonomic specialist for fungi (including moulds, yeasts and oomycetes) and bacteria within CABI’s ISO17025-accredited microbial identification service.

My career has seen me gain significant experience in microbial population dynamics & genomic variability whilst also providing capabilities in biochemical techniques (including chromatographic methods, mycotoxin screening and data analysis).

My current role requires me to undertake planning of cost-effective sample flow within an accredited system; generate and analyse relevant data and deliver appropriate molecular characterization of samples for identification and screening; enable knowledge transfer to colleagues through mentoring and specific training exercises. 

Project image: Controlling Japanese knotweed in Great Britain

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Project image: Controlling Japanese knotweed in Great Britain

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