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Staff image of Victor Attuquaye  Clottey

Victor Attuquaye Clottey Regional Coordinator – West Africa Centre

T: +233 (0)302 797202


CABI, CSIR Campus, No.6 Agostino Neto Road, Airport Residential Area, PO Box CT 8630, Cantonments, Ghana

I have over 20 years of experience in agricultural research for development. I have worked in various areas that include both on-station and on-farm research; facilitating agribusiness cluster formation; integrating farming systems to markets; and creating platforms for farmers, researchers, extension staff and other entrepreneurs.

I have taught and supervised thesis work of undergraduate students. I have extensive experience in the design and delivery of training sessions on the development and strengthening of agribusiness clusters and commodity value chains as well as integrated soil fertility management, seed and crop production targeted at adult learners. I have participated in the production of many extension materials.

My interest is in value chain analyses and in developing linkages between farmers, advisory services and business as well as promoting systems that will enhance agricultural development and trade.

Project image: Controlling Japanese knotweed in Great Britain

Optimizing Fertilizer Recommendations in Africa (OFRA)

Soil fertility across much of sub-Saharan Africa is poor, which is a major constraint to improving farm productivity and farmer livelihoods. To combat this there is now wide recognition of the need to integrate increased fertilizer use with other aspects of soil fertility management. This project aims to...
Project image: Controlling Japanese knotweed in Great Britain

Phytosanitary system development for the vegetable sector in Ghana

Ghana’s vegetable sector has the potential to create 20,000 skilled jobs, and increase exports to the EU. But exports are hampered by quarantine pests. This project aims to improve the current system and develop a new organic supply chain by establishing an effective phytosanitary system, facilitating...
Project image: Controlling Japanese knotweed in Great Britain

Using insects to improve smallholders’ livestock production and food security in West Africa

Poultry farming is practised by almost all smallholder farmers in West Africa but feed and protein sources are becoming increasingly expensive here, affecting meat and egg production and reducing family income. Fish farmers suffer a similar problem. We are promoting the use of insects, which are a natural...
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