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UK-CGIAR Centre Board

The UK-CGIAR Centre Board is the senior decision-making body of the Centre, with responsibility for setting its strategic direction. The Board also has oversight and sign-off authority on activities of the Secretariat, most notably when considering recommendations for which projects to fund and authorising grant letting. The Board includes the four core members of the Centre: FCDO, CGIAR, BBSRC (representing UKRI), and CABI. The day-to-day management is in the hands of the UK-CGIAR Centre Secretariat.

Current Membership

  • Board Chair – Janny Vos
  • Centre Director – Dick Shaw
  • Project Manager – Charles Rowley
  • CABI representative – Paul Rogers
  • FCDO representatives – Alan Tollervey & James Thompson
  • BBSRC Representatives – Tim Willis
  • CGIAR representatives – Juan Lucas Restrepo, Teunis Van Rheenen & Ian Barker