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We changed the way you log in to the PRA Tool on 27 March 2024

This uses the same authentication as CABI Digital Library.

Subscriptions may be set up for access by CABI voucher, IP recognition or email domain.

Vouchers have been sent to the Head or IPPC contact point in over 100 NPPOs in lower income countries that are eligible for a free subscription. Please contact your NPPO contact point or, in other cases, the institution administrator for the voucher code if you believe this applies to you.

If you have difficulty obtaining the voucher code for your institution, please contact for assistance.



Already a PRA Tool user before 27 March 2024?

It is important now to Sign in or Sign up to CONNECT with your PRA Tool email address to continue to access your saved PRAs. 

With an active subscription, your CONNECT account will also provide access to the CABI Compendium and premium version of the Horizon Scanning Tool.

If you have been using more than one email address for CONNECT or the PRA Tool, you can include those as additional identities in your CONNECT profile. We advise that you do not to remove email addresses from your Connect account, at least until you have fully logged into the PRA application.

Please go to the PRA Tool home page to Sign in. You may be asked to enter your institution's voucher code if you have not done that before.


Accessing the PRA Tool for the first time? (updated March 2024)

If you have been provided with a CABI voucher code, please select where you want to start:

  • From the CABI Digital Library:

CABI Compendium and PRA Tool voucher system login guide (PDF)  / Guide pour se connecter au CABI Compendium et PRA Tool en utilisant le système de coupon (PDF)

  • From the PRA Tool:

PRA Tool voucher system login guide (PDF)


Need support to access the PRA Tool?

This tool is designed for a desktop computer. Please ensure you are using an up to date browser and have pop-ups enabled.

You may need to check in your spam and junk folders if you are not receiving emails for account verification and team invitations.

If you have checked these and still need help, please click on the Support button on the tool pages or contact


User guides for the PRA Tool

Please check out the 'Getting started' PRA Tool user guide when you begin and then select the PRA type to suit your workflow:

Getting started

Pathway-initiated PRA guide

Pest-initiated PRA guide

Draft pest-initiated PRA illustration (developed for demonstration purposes only): Risk of introduction of red palm weevil (Rhynchophorus ferrugineus) to Ghana  


PRA Tool training materials

Introduction to the PRA Tool (Powerpoint) Video (13 mins)

Conducting a pest-initiated PRA (Powerpoint) Video (17 mins)

Conducting a pathway-initiated PRA (Powerpoint) Video (38 mins)

General guidance on assessing risk (Powerpoint)

Creating a team in the PRA Tool (Powerpoint)

Working offline from the PRA Tool (Powerpoint)

Risk Assessment and Management Options available in PRA tool (PDF)

PRA Tool training materials in French

Formulaire de ARP questions l’évaluation du risque et d’options de gestions (PDF)


For queries and feedback about this tool, please contact

For further guidance on the PRA process, please refer to the International Standards for
Phytosanitary Measures developed by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC),
in particular ISPM 2 and ISPM 11

Additional training materials are available from the External links page


General CABI Compendium training materials

CABI Compendium datasheets for PRA (Powerpoint)

The Horizon Scanning Tool for Pest Prioritization (Powerpoint)

Introduction to the Horizon Scanning Tool (Video)

Horizon Scanning Tool voucher system login guide (PDF) for new users who have not yet redeemed a CABI Compendium voucher.


Summary of major feature updates to the PRA Tool

March 2024: 1) Login migration to simplify access using CABI Digital Library CONNECT. 2) Linkage to CAB Thesaurus. 

November 2023: Update to provide offline workflow in French.

September 2023: Addition of the French language interface and fix for the PRA saving issue.

April 2023: Addition of the Live import Word template for offline editing and option to download lists as XLSX in addition to CSV.

March 2023: New PRA type 'For Live Import' added to assess the plant health risks and benefits in the case of a request to introduce a living organism for biological control, planting, research or other purpose.

December 2022: Addition of region selector - you can now select trade blocs, RPPOs or multiple countries for your country at risk / importing country or exporting area. The update has yet to be implemented for regulated pest lists but that will follow soon.

November 2022: 1) Launch of the CABI Compendium on CABI Digital Library - there is a now a single product for all compendium datasheets (previously the PRA Tool linked to the Crop Protection Compendium (CPC)). PRA Tool subscribers can access the full set of datasheets once they have activated their CABI Digital Library account. This subscription also includes the premium version of the Horizon Scanning Tool. 2) Saving improvements in this tool.

August 2022: Option added to select English or French for the template of the PRA report. This will not change the text that you have entered but has been provided for risk assessors wishing to work in French.

December 2021: Update to the pathway-initiated PRA report format. This focuses the main report on results and conclusions and moves details to Appendixes. Appendix 4 now contains mini PRAs for pests that have some data: the concise report includes only the risk assessment questions that have been addressed; the second report includes all the template questions and could be completed offline.

October 2021: New training materials added.

April 2021: Update to the pest-initiated PRA report format in HTML and Word.

January 2021: i) Pest name lookups in the tool are extended to search in CPC synonyms. ii) Option to import pest taxonomy and impact sections from the CPC datasheet into PRAs. iii) Additional fields for contact details and pathway PRA initiation.

December 2020: i) Addition of offline editing for a pest-initiated PRA. See the risk assessment page for the Export/Import assessment to/from Word. ii) Lock added to pest PRAs that are being edited by another team member online to prevent overwriting data. iii) Option to import a distribution summary from the the CPC datasheet into the Categorization stage of By Pest PRA. iv) Enhancements to the Regulated pest list feature which include an option to download.

November 2020: Lock added to pests that are currently being edited by another team member in pathway PRAs to prevent overwriting data.

October 2020: i) First release of online sharing to enable team working on PRAs in the tool. Options to create teams, invite members by email and view and edit PRAs saved in either the Personal View or a Team View. ii) Addition of offline editing for an individual pest in a pathway PRA. See Export/Import assessment to/from Word from the User Actions menu in the pathway pest list.

September 2020: i) Option to select rapid assessment in the pathway PRA pest list to help decide whether a full risk assessment is required for a pest. ii) Updates to the risk assessment and risk management forms.

August 2020: i) A new tab on the home page for saving a list of regulated pests for use in future PRAs and the ability to update this from within a pathway PRA. ii) The option to exclude pests by pest type at the start of a pathway PRA. 

January 2020: Improvements to the sign in process.

December 2019: i) Data feedback loop to take into account the latest user modifications made to the Compendium pest status for presence/absence in the importing/exporting country or area when generating the pest lists in a new pathway PRA. ii) Demo mode option. iii) The facility to add a pest into the pathway pest list.