The Horizon Scanning Tool is a decision support aid that helps you identify and categorize species that might enter a particular geographic area from another geographic area.

  • Refine by habitats, pathways and taxonomic groups
  • Access ISC datasheets
  • Refine by additional filters - plant hosts and plant parts in trade
  • Access ISC and CPC datasheets

The tool uses CABI data to generate a list of species that are absent from your selected ‘area at risk’ but present in ‘source areas’ i.e. geographic areas with similar climates to your ‘area at risk’, neighbouring areas or selected trading partners.

You are about to access the free version of the tool . You will be able to generate lists of species, refine your results by pathways, taxonomic groups and habitats, and access linked species datasheets in the Invasive Species Compendium (ISC).

You will see some greyed-out areas of the tool that you are unable to access as a free user. To access these premium features you will need a subscription to the Crop Protection Compendium (CPC).

If you have a CPC account to access the full premium version of this specialized tool.

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Using the Horizon Scanning Tool

Using the Horzion Scanning tool
  • Select your 'area at risk' or area of interest which doesn't currently have a pest/invasive species present
Select your 'area at risk'
  • Select potential 'source areas' where species are present and act as points of entry to your 'area at risk'
Select potential 'source areas'
  • Scan for results
Scan for results
  • View species results
View species results
  • Refine by:
    • habitats
    • pathways
    • plant hosts (for CPC subscribers only)
    • plant parts in trade (for CPC subscribers only)
    • taxonomic group
Refine by
  • Analyse your results:
    • Output to CSV
    • Link to Compendia datasheets in the ISC and CPC (CPC datasheets for CPC subscribers only)
Analyse your results
Tell us what you think
Tell us what you think
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