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Background: Copy number variations (CNVs) are a main source of genomic structural variations underlying animal evolution and production traits. Here, with one pure-blooded Angus bull as reference, we describe a genome-wide analysis of CNVs based on comparative genomic hybridization arrays in 29...

Zhang LiangZhi; Jia ShanGang; Yang MingJuan; Xu Yao; Li, C. J.; Sun JiaJie; Huang YongZhen; Lan XianYong; Lei ChuZhao; Zhou Yang; Zhang ChunLei; Zhao Xin; Chen Hong
BioMed Central Ltd, London, UK
BMC Genomics, 2014, 15, 480, pp (17 June 2014)
AbstractFull Text

Fat-inducing transcript (FIT) are endoplasmic reticulum-resident membrane proteins that induce lipid droplet accumulation. It plays a crucial role in the fundamental process of storing fat. In this study, applying the PCR-SSCP and DNA sequencing methods, polymorphism of the FIT gene were detected....

Sun JiaJie; Zhang ChunLei; Fang XingTang; Lei ChuZhao; Lan XianYong; Chen Hong
Polish Academy of Sciences, Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding, Jastrzebiec, Poland
Animal Science Papers and Reports, 2011, 29, 2, pp 99-107

Retinoic acid receptor responder 2 gene (RARRES2) encodes a novel adipokine protein that plays a crucial role in regulating several biological processes, including immune responses, adipocyte differentiation, type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. In this paper, polymorphisms of the bovine RARRES2 ...

Zhang Ya; Zhu JinLong; Wang Chen; Sun JiaJie; Lai XinSheng; Xu Yao; Lan XianYong; Lei ChuZhao; Zhang ChunLei; Yang DonbGying; Chen Hong
Springer, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Molecular Biology Reports, 2012, 39, 3, pp 2305-2311

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