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Bovine leukosis virus and other retroviruses are called retroviruses because they all have a gene that codes for the enzyme reverse transcriptase...

Cover for Listeria monocytogenes

Listeria spp. are small (0.5-0.8µm), Gram-positive, coccoid to rod-shaped organisms. Listeriae are rather robust and can be held at -80°C in a vivid...

Cover for Suffolk sheep

The Suffolk breed of sheep originated in the East Anglia region of England from mating Norfolk Horn ewes with Southdown rams in the late eighteenth...


The life cycle of Cryptosporidium is basically similar to those of other intestinal coccidia, although sporulation takes place within the host....

Cover for Toxoplasma gondii

The name Toxoplasma (toxon = arc, plasma = form) is derived from the crescent shape of the tachyzoite stage. There are 3 infectious stages of T....

Cover for wild boar

The wild boar’s natural range includes Europe, Asia, North Africa and the Malay Archipelago. Sus scrofa was domesticated over 9000 years ago in...


Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae is a Gram-positive facultative anaerobic rod observed singly, in short chains, or in a palisade formation. The bacterium...

Cover for Romney sheep

The Romney is a member of the British longwool group of sheep breeds, which it is believed were introduced to Britain by the Romans. They are mainly...


Eperythrozoonosis is a sub-acute or chronic disease of pigs. The name 'eperythrozoon' is derived from the Greek prefix epi- meaning on; the Greek...

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