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PARASITES OF HORSES.-Encysted nematode larvae from the submucosa of the caecum and colon were identified as stages of two species of Cylicocyclus.
Steam at a pressure of 15 lb. destroyed all eggs and larvae of strongyles in 30 minutes when applied to a specially constructed manure box. The ability...

Report. Chief Bureau Anim. Indust., U.S.A. 1933, 1933, pp 2-8, 42-47 pp.

In a 3-year project at James Cook University of North Queensland, Australia, investigations are being made on the life-cycle, host range, pathology and control of Onchocerca gibsoni in cattle. The efficacy of standard anthelmintics against adults and arrested larvae of Ostertagia in cattle was...

Australian Meat Board., Sydney, New South Wales,
Eleventh annual report, year ended June 30, 1977., 1977, pp 152 pp.

Gradual progress is being made on tick-cell culture of Babesia. For 42 years the Babesia sp. causing most tick fever in Australia has been known as B. argentina but this is now known to be indistinguishable from B. bovis and its name has been correspondingly changed. Protection of calves against...

Australian Meat Board., Sydney, N.S.W.,
12th Annual Report, year ended 30 June, 1978., 1978, pp 146 pp.

The application and potential of immunological methods for the control of a number of parasitic diseases of domestic animals are reviewed. In particular East Coast Fever and trypanosomiasis of cattle and haemonchosis of sheep are discussed at some length; dictyocauliasis, babesiosis and Cysticercus ...

Urquhart, G. M.
Veterinary Parasitology (Special Issue), 1980, 6, 1/3, pp 217-239

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