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STREPTOCOCCAL SEPTICAEMIA in chickens was associated with stress (long transport, de-beaking, chilling). Bovine MASTITIS due to Streptococcus agalactiae is less common since the advent of antibiotics, but other bacteria have been isolated from clinical cases (Staph. aureus 388, Str. agalactiae 91, ...

S. G. Reid, Govt. Printer., Brisbane, Australia
Annual report of the Department of Agriculture and Stock for the year 1958-59, 1959, 5, pp 106 pp.

Several cases of bovine MASTITIS yielded cultures of Klebsiella type organisms. Testing for bovine TUBERCULOSIS was reduced, partly by the institution of biennial tests in areas where eradication is proceeding satisfactorily, and also because the dry season precluded handling cattle in poor...

S. G. Reid, Govt. printer., Brisbane, Australia
Queensland. Annual report of the Department of Agriculture and Stock for the year 1957-58., 1958, pp 122 ; 64-111 pp.

Numerous cases of abscesses in the heads of sheep appeared to be due to Corynbacterium pyogenes. A ram died after showing symptoms of jaundice and haematuria, suggestive of leptospirosis. No evidence of leptospirosis was demonstrated, but a pasteurella was isolated. Following complaints that lambs...

Adelaide: W. L. Hawes. Govt. Printer.,
South Australia,. Twenty-first Annual Report of the Council of the Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science, July, 1958-June, 1959., 1960, pp 100 pp.

A combination of streptomycin and penicillin in MASTITIS in cows caused marked reduction in staphylococcal counts but they increased rapidly when treatment was discontinued. Quaternary ammonium compounds were less efficient than sodium hypochlorite for sterilizing milking apparatus.
In a field...

Cook, G. A.
Canberra: L. F. Johnston Govt. Printer,
Second annual report of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation for the year ending 30th June 1950. (1949-1950)., 1950, pp 157 pp.

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