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Formic acid (methanoic acid, HCOOH) is an organic compound which belongs to saturated monobasic acids. In natural conditions, it is secreted from the glands of ants, and also extracted from the leaves of stinging nettles. It is soluble in water in any proportions, which makes it practical to use...

Boyko, O. O.; Gavrilina, O. G.; Gavrilin, P. N.; Gugosyan, Y. A.; Brygadyrenko, V. V.
Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine
Regulatory Mechanisms in Biosystems, 2018, 9, 3, pp 435-439

This article is of interest on account of the very widespread use at present of soya bean products as feeding stuffs for cattle in all parts of the world, and on account of the often alleged cases of poisoning resulting from their use. The experiments described in this article were undertaken to...

Stockman, S.
Journal of Comparative Pathology and Therapeutics, 1916, 29, Part 2, pp 95-107 pp.
Cover for porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome

In the early 1980s a previously unrecognized disease syndrome started causing heavy production losses in pig herds in North America. In the...

Cover for babesiosis

The parasite Babesia is named after Babes, the scientist who first described it in sheep and cattle in 1888 (Levine, 1961). Organisms belonging to...


Rotaviruses are the commonest cause of severe, acute viral gastroenteritis in man, mammals and birds worldwide, with most of cases occurring in young...

Cover for trypanosomosis

Trypanosomes are microscopic unicellular protozoan flagellates in the genus Trypansoma. They are obligatory parasites of vertebrates, and infect...

Cover for proliferative enteropathy

Lawsonia intracellularis is the cause of proliferative enteropathy (PE, ileitis), a common enteric disease affecting pigs raised under various...

Cover for leishmaniosis

The leishmaniases are a group of infectious diseases that affect humans, domestic and wild animals and are caused by members of the genus...

Cover for Fulani breed group sheep

The genus, Ovis, includes all sheep, while domesticated sheep belong to the species Ovis aries. Seven distinct wild forms of sheep have been...

Cover for pet pigs

Editorial note: parts of this datasheet are based on personal communications from pig breeders. Contact CAB International for contact details. 'Pet...

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