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Cover for Effect of a synthetic feline pheromone for managing unwanted scratching in domestic cats.

Tynes, V. V.; Beck, A.; Jaeger, X. de; Collin, J. F.
2017 CABI (H ISBN 9781786394583)
Book chapter; Conference paper

The evaluation of chronic pain is not very common in France because of a lack of time availability of practitioners, knowledge or recognition of its usefulness. For osteoarthritic pain, confusion may exist between the need to assess functional alterations, anxiety/depression comorbidity, quality of ...

Poitte, T.
Newsmed, Paris, France
Point Vétérinaire, 2015, 46, 358(Part 1), pp 62-66
AbstractFull Text

Knueven, D. E.
The North American Veterinary Conference, Gainesville, USA
Small animal and exotics. Proceedings of the North American Veterinary Conference, Orlando, Florida, USA, 16-20 January 2010, 2010, pp 23-25

The homeopathic uses of E. crassipes (water hyacinth) are described. Its main effect is the stimulation of secretion of digestive and pancreatic enzymes, and it is used in cases of pancreatic insufficiency. Three case reports (1 cat, 2 dogs) are described on the successful use of water hyacinth in...

Millemann, J.
Sonntag Verlag GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany
Ganzheitliche Tiermedizin, 2004, 18, 4, pp 151-154
Cover for Escherichia coli infections

Escherichia coli is an important cause of disease worldwide and occurs in most mammalian species, including humans, and in birds. E. coli are...

Cover for scrapie

Note: This datasheet covers 'classical' scrapie, not 'atypical' scrapie. Scrapie is a fatal neurodegenerative disease of sheep and goats. It is...

Cover for leishmaniosis

The leishmaniases are a group of infectious diseases that affect humans, domestic and wild animals and are caused by members of the genus...

Cover for Ixodes ricinus (sheep tick)

I. ricinus is the commonest tick in northern Europe and is an important vector of both livestock and human diseases. It is a three-host tick. The...

Cover for contagious ecthyma

Contagious pustular dermatitis (CPD) is a worldwide zoonotic viral disease of sheep and goats. It has been recognized for centuries in sheep-keeping...

Cover for Streptococcus and Enterococcus infections in pigs (and ruminants)

Several streptococci can be found in pigs. Some of them can be hosted in the tonsils and bowel of healthy animals, and various species are potential...

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