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Cover for Mycobacterium

Mycobacteriosis in fish can be caused by several distinct species of Mycobacterium. This genus is a member of the order Actinomycetales and family...


Francisella tularensis is a facultative intracellular bacterium in the family Francisellaceae that causes the acute zoonosis tularaemia.F. tularensis...


The survival of Brucella under environmental conditions is a relatively important factor in the transmission of disease. The survival rate of...

Cover for Bacillus anthracis

B.anthracis is the causative agent of anthrax, it is a gram-positive, aerobic or facultatively anaerobic, endospore-forming, non-motile, rod-shaped...


Mycoplasma gallisepticum is a small cell wall-less bacterium that belongs to the class Mollicutes. It has a very small genome of 996,422 bp for the...


In Giemsa-stained thin blood films the intra-erythrocytic organisms appear as dense blue-purple round to cube shaped inclusions that are 0.2 to 1µm...

Cover for Coxiella burnetii

MorphologyCoxiellaburnetii, the aetiological agent of Q fever, is an obligate intracellular, Gram-negative rickettsia (0.2 to 0.4 µm wide, 0.4 to 1...

Cover for Pasteurella multocida

Approximately 20 different species of the genus Pasteurella have been identified using phenotypic and genetic analyses. Of these species, P....