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Veterinary information to support practice, based on evidence and continuing education

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Cover for Plasmodium relictum

Species of five different subgenera of Plasmodium infect birds. They are distinguished by morphological characteristics of the erythrocytic stages...


Adult A. tumida are dark brown to almost black, broad, flattened, measuring approximately 5.7 mm long and 3.2 mm wide. Just after pupation, the...

Cover for Varroa destructor (Varroa mite)

Adult female mites are reddish-brown to dark-brown (Sanford et al., 2007), 1.00-1.77 mm long and 1.50-1.99 wide (Denmark et al., 2000), bodies...


Datasheet Type(s): Veterinary Arthropod, Vector of Animal Disease

Cover for Tabanidae

Of the 30 genera in the family tabanidae, only the following are of veterinary importance; Tabanus and Hybomitra (horseflies), Haematopota (clegs)...

Cover for Glossina

Tsetse flies are of economic and biological importance because they act as cyclical vectors of protozoan parasites belonging to the genus...


Boophilus ticks are small inornate ticks with a short and broad capitulum with rounded lateral margins. The basis of the capitulum is hexagonal in...


The genus Hyalomma, bont-legged ticks, comprises 25 species that have long palps and hypostome. These dark-brown or black inornate ticks have beady...

Cover for Amblyomma hebraeum

The genus Amblyomma comprises over 100 species characterized by long mouthparts and, usually, beautifully coloured ‘ornamented’ scuta. The eyes are...


Rhipicephalus evertsi evertsi, one of 74 species in the genus, is a medium-sized dark brown tick with reddish-orange legs. The adults are easy to...